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Square wristwatch - Watch tv online free full episodes

Square Wristwatch

square wristwatch

Seiko 6105-8110, Seiko 6309-729A

Seiko 6105-8110, Seiko 6309-729A

The “holy trinity” of vintage Seiko divers is the 62MAS, 6105 and 6309-7040 – to which I’d like to add the Pepsi 6309-729A to make a gang of four. I guess I’m half way to owning the famous quartet, with a 6105 and 729A.

I’m adding the later, slimmed-case 6309 with square indices to the trinity because it proved so influential in subsequent Seiko design history. The case shape has altered little over the years, and the square indices live on in the form of the US-only SKX173.

Next on my grail list is the classic 6309-7040 (or ‘7049). A 62MAS might have to wait a little longer. .

Here you can see an all original 6105-8110 (from 1974) with a 6309-729A (Pepsi dial; from 1987). The 729A bezel is not original – it’s from a later Seiko, which can be observed from the smaller lume dot – and I have my doubts about the hands, but, hey, at least the dial is all-original.

My plan is to get the 6309-729A onto an all solid link Super Oyster II, and the 6105-8110 onto a waffle (even if it’s a lookalike waffle) – and then get a 6309-7040 on a straight-vent rubber strap.

These pics are nothing fancy. . . just taken to document my latest purchases. I like shots that illustrate the watch. (And, yes, if you aren’t a hardcore vintage Seiko lunatic, it is just a watch, with text that’s like reading alphabet soup.)

Hip to be square: Seiko 6105-8110, 6309-729A

Hip to be square: Seiko 6105-8110, 6309-729A

Two Seikos with square markers. A 6105-8110 (left) and 6309-729A.

While I accept a lot of people just don't get the 6105-8110, I love mine! It's my daily wearer. This watch dates from 1974.

The 6309-729A is also a classic. This example, from February 1987, looks stunning on a (William Jean) super oyster II.

OK, so the 6309-7040 is the classic – and I don’t own one (yet!) – but I’ve got a thing for square markers.

square wristwatch

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