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18th December, 2009

18th December, 2009

December Diary 2009 Project
Theme: Reflections/Shadows

I know. I'm posting this a day late. But it WAS taken on the 18th, and the December Diary Project (DDP) rules say that as long as you take one picture a day, you can post several pictures at a time.

We were SO busy yesterday! Tommy took a vacation day and we finished up our Christmas shopping, and got everything mailed. Here's the bad part of yesterday - my car was taken in for what we thought would be a minor repair. The total cost was $2500. I'm just sick about it, but what can you do? It's an older car that's paid for, and although it only has 50,000. miles, things are starting to wear out. It's 13 years old!

I'm behind in commenting! I will be back this evening to catch up with everyone!

Just Found Out it Will Cost More to Repair BOOTH, my bike, than It Would to Buy a New Bike

Just Found Out it Will Cost More to Repair BOOTH, my bike, than It Would to Buy a New Bike

(photo by Marianne, who's back in NY-woo!) I love that bike! I've had it for six years and rode it to and from work for six of those months. Got doored in November and then left it in the snow since then. One bike shop guy just laughed at me, the other, who looked like his name should have been Moonbeam or something, told me he could feel the vibe between me and the bike, and understood why I loved it. So true Moonbeam. So true.

ps it's name is JOHN WILKES BOOTH since it tried to kill me like four times when I first got it. Winds up I just didn't know how to ride a bike anymore. Yes. It's true. I had forgotten. Stupid saying...

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