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BELOW STREET LEVEL : Portraits by Treiops Treyfid

BELOW STREET LEVEL : Portraits by Treiops Treyfid

BELOW STREET LEVEL : Portraits by Treiops Treyfid

Artillery and Ammo does it again with a brand new show "Below Street Level". Treyops Treyfid has come out swinging with a new collection of portraits from the tragically beautiful streets of LA.

OPENING RECEPTION MAY 1st 7:00 - 12:00 ... it's FEEE
1162 Glendale Blvd. Echo Park Ca. [by the Echo Plex]

About the show :

"Treiops Treyfid has set his sights on his friends in the local LA art scene as subjects for his upcoming portraiture project and solo show at Artillery and Ammo Gallery in Echo Park. An entire body of new work will be displayed. The simple, posed portraits give Treyfid the excuse to explore his library of materials combining them in new and different ways. The new artworks are put upon surfaces salvaged from the sides of roads and garbage bins. Old cheap furniture, thrown away doors, ripped out wall board, broken glass and mirror are among the humble surfaces used. The dramatic works are rife with stains, dirt, rips, drips, splashes, slashes, dust, scrapes, breaks, cuts, and tape. An often present element in the new works is the grid which Treyfid uses to reign in a sense of order in a chaotic milieu of detritus. Treyfid employs the use of the spray paint stencil to good effect in the new mixed media pieces, a technique long and often used in his past artworks. These new works are particularly well suited to the new gallery under the Sunset overpass in Echo Park. A new below street level venue in a dark, dirty, gritty city environment. "

curated by Deryke Cardenaz

While I was taking photos and Isac was reading, a strange old woman walked in and announced, "No cost to look!"

Isac and I were cautious as she cracked some joke about the giant sheep sized cat statue and walked through the store repeating how, "It's cheap to look!".

After a particularly funny comment she made about something or other, we relaxed.

She walked out of the store and we said our goodbyes and she was replaced by a man in a overly thought out hipster hell outfit. He kept his mirrored sunglasses firmly pushed up his nose while strutting through the store and making wide sweeping glances at the goods.

He asked me, "Has anyone ever told you, you look like Jonny Mitchell?"

"You mean Joni Mitchell?" I replied, "No."

"What? You hang out with fucking blind people?" He laughed as his own joke. I turned my head slowly in disbelief towards Isac's stunned gaze.

Mirrored sunglasses dude sauntered as best his could in his tight polyester Wranglers out the door.

I was hoping his would trip on his way out.

Why does that only happen in movies?

cheap out door furniture

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