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Furniture Protector For Dogs. Furniture Stores In Ireland

Furniture Protector For Dogs

furniture protector for dogs

furniture protector for dogs - PetSafe 60-By-12-Inch

PetSafe 60-By-12-Inch ScatMat Electronic Pet Training Mat, Sofa, SKM-C471

PetSafe 60-By-12-Inch ScatMat Electronic Pet Training Mat, Sofa,  SKM-C471

Do you need help turning your bad feline or fido into a well behaved pet? The Scat Mat uses a persuasive, but completely harmless, static pulse to keep your pet from shedding, scratching, or doing their business where you don't want them to. Scat Mats can be used on furniture, countertops, doorways and even window sills. This NEW ScatMat size is ideal for protecting couches and longer stretches of counters. A few exposures usually do the trick. Use Scat Mats, Extension Mats and our Dummy Mats to tell your pets "No!" even when your not home!

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KRAKÓW - Saint Antoninus

KRAKÓW - Saint Antoninus

St. Antoninus was born in 1389. His parents, named Nicholas Pierozzi and Thomassina, were noble citizens of that place, and he was the only fruit of their marriage. From the cradle he was modest, bashful, docile, and had no inclination but to piety, being even then an enemy both to sloth and to the amusements of children. It was his only pleasure to read the lives of saints and other good books, to converse with pious persons, or employ him in prayer, to which he was much given from his infancy. Accordingly, if he was not at home or at school, he was always to be found at St. Michael's church before a crucifix, or in our Lady's chapel there. And whether he applied himself to that holy exercise in his closet or the church, he always kneeled or lay prostrate, with a perseverance that astonished everybody. By the means of a happy memory, a solid judgment, and quick penetration, assisted by an assiduous application, he became an able master at an age when others scarce begin to understand the first elements of the sciences. But his passion for learning was not equal to his ardour to perfect himself in the science of salvation. In prayer, he begged nothing of God but his grace to avoid sin, and to do his holy will in all things. F. Dominic, a learned and holy preacher of the order of St. Dominic, afterwards made cardinal, archbishop of Ragusa, and legate of the Holy See, was then employed in building a convent at Fiesoli, two miles from Florence.

Antoninus was wonderfully delighted with the unction of his sermons, and never went out of Florence but to converse with that apostolic man, to whom he applied at last for the Dominican habit. The father judging him as yet too young, and his constitution too tender for so strict a life of perpetual abstinence, frequent fasts, long watches, and other rigours, advised him to wait yet some years, and bid him first study the canon law, adding, that when he should have learned Gratian's decree by heart, his request should be granted. So dry and difficult a task would have seemed to another equivalent to an absolute refusal. However, Antoninus set about it, and joining prayer and severe mortifications with his studies, made an essay of the ]life to which he aspired; and in less than a year presented himself again to the prior of Fiesoli; and by answering his examination upon the whole decree of Gratian, gave him a surprising proof of his capacity, memory, and fervour. The prior hesitated no longer, but gave him the habit, he being then sixteen years of age. The young novice was most exact in complying with every point of the rule, and appeared the most humble, the most obedient, most mortified, and most recollected of his brethren.

Being advanced to the priesthood, he augmented his exercise of piety; he was never seen at the altar but bathed in tears. Whether sick or well, he day always on the hard boards; and so perfectly had he subjected the flesh to the spirit, that he seemed to feel no reluctance from his senses in the service of God. He was chosen very young to govern the great convent of the Minerva in Rome, and after that, was successively prior at Naples, Cajeta, Cortona, Sienna, Fiesoli, and Florence: in all which places he zealously enforced the practice of the rule of St. Dominic, and more by his actions than words. Besides his domestic employments he preached often, and with great fruit. The works which he published increased his reputation. He was consulted from Rome, and from all quarters, especially in intricate cases of the canon law. The learned cardinal de Lucca reckons him among the most distinguished auditors or judges of the Rota, though we do not find at what time he discharged that office. He was chosen vicar or general superior of a numerous reformed congregation in his order. He would not remit anything in his austerities or labours when exhausted by a decay, of which however he recovered. Pope Eugenius IV called him to the general council of Florence; and he assisted in quality of divine at all its sessions, and at the disputations with the Greeks. During his stay at Florence he was made prior of the convent of St. Mark in that city, for which Cosmus of Medicis, called the father of his country, was then building a sumptuous church, which pope Eugenius IV. consecrated. After having established in this house the true spirit of his order, he visited his convents in Tuscany and Naples.

While employed in introducing the primitive discipline of his order in the province of Naples, the see of Florence became vacant by the death of its archbishop. The intrigues of several candidates protracted the election of a successor. But Pope Eugenius IV. no sooner named F. Antoninus to the Florentines, as possessed of the qualities they had desired in their future bishop, namely, sanctity, learning, and experience, and his being a native of their own city, than they all acquiesced in his choice. Antoninus, who had then been two years absent from Florence,

IMG 1902

IMG 1902

My new desk, complete with Network Attached Storage (NAS; 1 TB disk by Western Digital, surrounded by networking equipment from QNAP - a TS-109 II, which is essentially a lightweight server with Apache+PHP+MySQL, Windows file sharing, downloading client with BitTorrent support and some other features I'm not using). Also seen, wireless router, DSL router and desk drawers with various cables (top drawer - USB, cameras, network, etc), various office supplies (middle drawer - envelopes of different sizes, stamps, sticky notes, etc) and power cords for all of the above (laptop, NAS, routers) pled into a surge protector hidden away in the bottom drawer. Aaaaaand a big bottle of nerd's favorite; Coca-Cola.

Furniture by IKEA.

furniture protector for dogs

furniture protector for dogs

Sure Fit Furniture Friend Linen Color Chair Protector

Sure Fit Furniture Friend Linen Color Chair ProtectorNow it's okay for your best friend to be on the furniture with our Sure Fit Furniture Friend Chair Protector. One piece pet covers simply drape over your furniture and protect the seat, back and arms from pet wear and tear. Our Furniture Friend Chair Protectors are made from soft cotton material and help keep your furniture safe from claws and paws. Thick quilted material protects chairs from claw marks, stains and pet hair. When the Furniture Friend Chair Protector gets dirty or needs cleaning simply toss in the washer for easy, hassle free cleaning. The Furniture Friend Chair Protector is an affordable way to save your chairs from wear and tear. The neutral linen color will look great in any household.For the best fit: Outside arm to arm guidelines should be between 32"-43". Seat width: 24" X 37".

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