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Hair Salon Furniture And : Wood Design Furniture : Nursery Furniture By.

Hair Salon Furniture And

hair salon furniture and

hair salon furniture and - "X-TRA HOT"


The X-TRA Hot Dryer is Manufactured in the USA and comes with a 3 year warranty on the motor. This professional salon hair dryer is 980 watts and it is extremely powerful and hot. It is complete with a timer and a temperature control with 4 settings. The dryer Hood is Extra Large and the Hood Arm is fully adjustable to fit all of your clients. It is both UL and CSA approved as it is made in the USA. Thermostat Settings: Low - 85 to 90 degrees, Medium - 98 to 110 degrees & Perm 140 degrees plus. Rated at 9.7 Amps. Features: 980 Watt Extra Hot Dryer - UL & CSA Approved MANUFACTURED IN THE U.S.A. 3 Year Warranty on the Dryer Motor Timer and 4 Temperature Settings on Dryer Extra Large Hood with Fully Adjustable Arm Measurements: Black Box Dimensions: Width: 12.25" Height: 23.75" Depth: 6.5" Dryer Hood Inside Diameter: 12.5" Dryer Hood Arm Range: 2.25" (Lowest) to 11" (Highest) Please email us at or call us at 706-351-1157 with any questions.

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DSC 0708-

DSC 0708-

En route to Susie's opening at GRNY, there was a kerfuffle in a hair salon on 9th St. We stopped to see what the squealing was about. A squirrel had run into their shop and was hiding behind something in the back storage area. Not that I'm obsessed with rodents or anything, but we'd been feeding squirrels that morning and had some nuts in our bags. So we went in to try to coax him out. He was too freaked out for that to work, though. We moved some small pieces of furniture around and a woman from the shop next door waved a towel at him and this tiny little black squirrel raced out and into the street. He hightailed it to a tiny gated area across the way and took refuge under the garbage can. Poor critter.

We tossed him some nuts and hope he had a calmer night.

Hair Salon

Hair Salon

A seemingly common hair salon... yet I can't see my reflection in the mirror... but I can see it in the reflection of the mirror behind me... The artist had build 2 identical rooms next to each other and have us question which is reality and which is illusion...

hair salon furniture and

hair salon furniture and

Professional Dryer & Chair Combo Set

This is a Brand New Dryer and Chair included as one set. The dryer chair has a wood frame for great durability and extra thick cushion for extreme comfort. The arms on the dryer chair can be removed as well if you like. The dryer slides into the back of the chair for easy use. The dimensions of the dryer chair are 23.5" Wide, 30.5" Deep, 31" HIgh. The seat height is 18", and the inside Arm to Arm is 18.5" This dryer is 980 watts, it has a timer and a temperature control with 4 settings. Rated at 8 - 8.5 Amps. UL and CSA approved. Thermostat Settings: Low-85 to 90 degrees, Medium-98 to 110 degrees, Perm 140 degrees plus. BTU/Hr. - 3344 Air Velocity: 375/400 CFM Dimensions: The hood arm has a range of 2.25" (lowest) to 11" (highest). Black base dimensions:Approximately 12.25" wide by 23.75" high by 6.50" deep. Hood inside diameter: 12.25" Manufactured in the USA. Please email us at or call us at 706-351-1157 with any questions.

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