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Kids Hire Equipment

kids hire equipment

  • The process of supplying someone or something with such necessary items

  • A tool is a device that can be used to produce or achieve something, but that is not consumed in the process. Colloquially a tool can also be a procedure or process used for a specific purpose.

  • Mental resources

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I would take photos of the crew for the start of each season and we would put all the photos up on the fridge in the production office up at the farm where they would eventually get covered in the crew's graffitti.

The first year it was hot as hell in our office as it doubled as a barn. So there were sweaty portraits of everyone of us which is attractive only on certain folk.

The next spring we started another cycle of episodes and we chose the field before they harvested it.

This is Paul. He's our audio supervisor and I've worked with him for about three years on various shows, but whenever we get together we usually bring up Costa Rica when the six of us brought thirty cases of equipment through customs only to find out we weren't allowed to screw into the ceilings of the villa which would have eliminated a crapload of lights if we had only known. It was a small crew and I doubled as the PA/Producer walking bags and bags of water and food back from the market four at a time since we didn't have a car. We hired the son of the town's taxi driver to be our driver for the week and sometimes he brought his wife and kid along for the ride.

It was the only time our DP ever perspired on talent. He was holding the DV cam over a table of kids we were shooting who were at dinner and it was so miserable hot that the sweat dripped down his arm to his elbow and plop. Paul was sweating so bad he couldn't turn the dials on his mixer.

Everytime I see Paul, we always talk about how great it was.

I left out the part where each night around 2 AM after we worked the night shift in some sweaty club filled with drunk American and Australian kids, Paul, the DP and I would immediatly change into our swimsuits, grab a beer (doesn't show up on receipts for PC in Costa Rican Spanish), and head for the pool and search for satellites.

The last time I took photos up at the farm, it was winter of last year and people were bundled up in front of stormy skies. I need to find out who to pass the torch to.

Ninjas 241/365

Ninjas  241/365

Okay, maybe not..

These are one of my best friends daughters. A few weeks ago, they got their red belt and during the
certification ceremony, their institution had hired a photographer to do a professional shoot of all the students. Well, my friend told me that he wasn't happy with the results and the pictures weren't worth the money he paid..

so, I offered to do a shoot and hopefully give them some images that they like and can be proud of. But, I don't have any strobes or studio equipment, so I had to do the shoot outside using available natural light. I didn't have much going on after work today, so called them over for some test shots.. and got some pretty decent shots of the kids in action. Who knows, maybe the "test" shots may turn out to be more than enough.. we'll see.

kids hire equipment

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