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Safety Equipment Shop : Safety Equipment Sydney

Safety Equipment Shop

safety equipment shop

    safety equipment
  • Our customers' safety is paramount. All our equipment is maintained to the highest standard. However, appropriate safety equipment must be used by experienced and inexperienced operators alike.

  • Safety equipment for making soap includes eye protection, a face shield, rubber gloves, and clothing to cover any bare skin that may be exposed to lye, including arms, legs, and feet. Ventilation equipment may be required when making large quantities of lye-water solution.

  • Protects the employee and includes such items as head covers, gloves, goggles, safety glasses, safety shoes, handguns, batons, and handcuffs.

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safety equipment shop - MSA Safety

MSA Safety 10096496 Style 1-D Harness Vest, X-large

MSA Safety 10096496 Style 1-D Harness Vest, X-large

Harness provides comfortable protection, due to its lightweight components and durable webbing. The vest-style harness, with back D-Ring for work positioning, fits a wide range of body types and sizes. Color-contrasting thigh and torso straps simplify donning.Meets OSHA regulations, ANSI A10.32 & ANSI Z359.1, and is certified to CSA Z259.10-M90. Chest strap & Leg Buckle; Quik-Fit. Applications: Agriculture. Asbestos Abatement, Chemical, Construction, Electric Utility, Mining, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Paper & Pulp, Spray Painting, Welding.

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Grinding wheel throwing sparks

Grinding wheel throwing sparks

A CNC grinder in action with sparks flying as it moves in a machine shop

safety equipment shop

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