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Sale Camping Equipment

sale camping equipment

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Winter Camp 2009 HDR

Winter Camp 2009 HDR

4. At this creekside campground you'll have a fishing hole for your back yard, and that's not all. Add spectacular scenery, clear water swimming holes, picturesque hiking trails and excellent wildlife watching (in other words the standard amenities of Oak Creek Canyon) and it should come as no surprise that these pieces of recreational real estate are in high demand. Now comes the bad news. This campground is small, so small that trailers and RV's are prohibited. So small that to get a campsite here you've got to be more than early, you've got to be lucky.
The decor at Manzanita Campground is Arizona ash and box elders, gravel beaches and stream-bed boulders. The creek is regularly stocked with trout. Colorful songbirds add a flash of brilliance to the trees. Access is easy. The campground is just a few yards off US 89A and the pull-throughs are paved.
Location: Twenty-one miles south of Flagstaff, 6 miles north of Sedona in scenic Oak Creek Canyon. Elevation is 4,800 ft. at Manzanita.
GPS: N34° 56' 9.7434", W-111° 44' 41.3874"
Access: On US Highway 89A, drive south from Flagstaff or north from Sedona. Both campgrounds are located just off the paved highway.
Scheduled Season: Open year-round.
Attractions: Camping, Fishing, Swimming/wading, Hiking, Sightseeing, Wildlife viewing, Photography
Facilities: 18 single-unit sites, tables, fire rings and cooking grills, drinking water, vault toilets (Barrier free)
$20 per night. (Holders of Golden Age or Golden Access, America-the-Beautiful Senior or America-the-Beautiful Access passes will receive 50% for overnight camping.) Campsites are available for picnic/day-use from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for $8.00 up to 5 people, $2.00 each additional person.. Firewood is available for sale in all our campgrounds by our hosts for $7.00 ea.
Reservations: Tent camping only, up to 8 people per site. 7 day stay limit. Rereservable sites are #9 through 19. Reservations must be made at least 2 days in advance. Must occupy site within 24 hours or forfeit. No ATV's. Please bring the confirmation letter with you as you must show it to the camp host.

(41/365) Snug as a bug in a .... sleeping bag

(41/365) Snug as a bug in a .... sleeping bag

Day 41

We're planning a camping trip in a few weeks so I thought I'd better check out all our equipment.

Here I'm modeling my new sleeping bag in the lounge. It's a mummy style bag, which is a bit of a departure for me. My current one is a more traditional rectangular light weight type, which I bought over 20 years ago. The new sleeping bag was a bit of an indulgence as the old one is perfectly serviceable, if a little old. This one was in the sale and promises to be very warm 8-)

7th August 2010

sale camping equipment

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