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Contemporary Interior Decoration

contemporary interior decoration

contemporary interior decoration - The Decorative

The Decorative Carpet: Fine Handmade Rugs in Contemporary Interiors

The Decorative Carpet: Fine Handmade Rugs in Contemporary Interiors

Handmade rugs are perpetual objects of desire, sought after for their expressive designs and intricate combinations of pattern and color. Whether hand-knotted or handwoven, their tactile quality completes any well-furnished interior. A rug often occupies fully a third of a room and, if antique, is also often its most expensive single item, yet there has never been a book presenting decorative carpets as an integral component of interior design until now.

Decorative carpet expert Alix G. Perrachon has, for the first time, compiled a book to guide all interested in placing handmade carpets in contemporary spaces—from individual homeowners to interior designers and their clients. Inside, thirty-two of America’s most celebrated designers—including Penny Drue Baird, Samuel Botero, Clodagh, Jamie Drake, David Easton, Thomas Jayne, Juan Montoya, Suzanne Tucker, Bunny Williams, and Vicente Wolf—discuss in animated terms how, and which pieces, they choose from the infinite array of handmade decorative carpets available in the market today. Their selections are illustrated with luxurious images drawn from their own work, revealing rugs ranging from Agras, Aubussons, and Axminsters to modern Tibetan and transitional designs in every style of interior from traditional to contemporary.

In addition to engaging, accessible text and 300 full-color illustrations, The Decorative Carpet provides purchasing and care essentials, presents the twenty most popular types of rugs used by designers today—along with a brief description of the defining characteristics and history of each—and includes a glossary and sestions for further reading, providing all the tools necessary for all those eager to explore the intriguing, expansive world of handmade decorative carpets to begin.

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Contemporary Interior Decoration

Contemporary Interior Decoration

The mighty Packard Automobile Plant in Detroit represents a mile of neglect and abandonedment.

Ktchen decoration

Ktchen decoration

Artificial flowers in a bowl on granite countertop in a modern kitchen

contemporary interior decoration

contemporary interior decoration

Living Modern: The Sourcebook of Contemporary Interiors

How to create your own contemporary interior: the ultimate resource for design-conscious living, from architecture to materials to furniture and decorative objects.
This ambitious book is all about clean lines, elegant color combinations, maximizing indoor–outdoor relationships, artfully collecting and displaying objects, and utilizing open areas for lounging, cooking, and dining. Whether the living space is large or small, anyone can create a modern interior.

Hundreds of photographs reveal stylish residences around the world, in particular from places where modern living has achieved its best expression, such as California, Brazil, Scandinavia, and Australia, but also from places where modern forms have been fused with vernacular styles or set against exotic vegetation. From desert to jungle, from city to country, Living Modern offers a boundless resource for achieving a personal vision of contemporary stylishness. 750+ color illustrations

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