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Country christmas decorating ideas - Outdoor event decor - Home decorating dining room.

Country Christmas Decorating Ideas

country christmas decorating ideas

country christmas decorating ideas - The Secrets

The Secrets to Professional Christmas Tree Decorating

The Secrets to Professional Christmas Tree Decorating

Ever wish you could achieve the look of the Christmas Trees at your favorite stores?

Want to learn the secrets of placing ribbon, flowers and oversize decorations on your tree?

And what is the formula for lighting your tree to make the magic happen?

J Schwanke demystifies the process with insider tips and tricks of Christmas Tree decorating professional. J shows you how to elevate your own beautiful tree to the next level. Follow along and see how it's done, then apply J's techniques to make your next Christmas Tree the best one yet!

Bonus Content:

As the host of JTV, on, J brings you even more holiday fun with projects you can create yourself.
-Creative Gift Wrapping
-Creating Ribbon Roses
-Congregated Cardinals Centerpiece
-Christmas Collection Wreath
-The Christmas Legend of The Bird Nest!
This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

87% (14)

16 Random Things About Me!

16 Random Things About Me!

I've been tagged!!! I have to write 16 random things about myself!!!

1. Jesus is my Savior and I delight in His word! Psalm 139 is my fav!

2. I grew up in the country on a farm/vineyard and will always be a "country girl"

3. I have been very happily married for 28 years now, my husband and I mentor couples wishing to be married! (I love my family, but I think ya'll know all that!) =)

4. I have a very strong southern accent and say words like ya'll & yonder and phrases like "That dog'll hunt!" (Which means that'll work!)

5. I keep my grandchildren ages 3 & 4 years and they call me "Clue"! haha See my profile!

6. I'm addicted to flickr and spend several hours a day looking at your photo's and commenting on them.....and I feel bad if for some reason I can't get to them daily!

7. I love music!!! I used to dream of being a "country music star" even though I can't really sing!

8. I used to have an interior decorating business, I still love to decorate and my specialty is color!

9. I'm an introvert in groups but love people one on one.

10. I am tenderhearted, I laugh easily, I cry makes me cry!

11. I love shooting at f2.8, selective focus and night shots! Not at the same time of course!

12. I just got my first photoshop product, cs4, have taken a class on it and still have no idea how to use anything except for bridge! lol

13. Strong, great quality coffee is my beverage of choice!

14. I they say! hehe

15. I'm like a kid at Christmas!

16. I love easily and put a high value on person and online! And I LOVE my flickr friends!!!!!!!

17. I'm longwinded and can manage to put several facts in one!
Oh....was it just suppose to be 16?!!!!! lol lol lol

This Photo is 4 years old....I just doctored it for the holidays! A few years older, a few lbs heavier.......I'd rather stay behind the camera now! lol

Reader Request: An Impressive Christmas Party

Reader Request: An Impressive Christmas Party

We just received our first Christmas related reader request of the year! Elena writes:

"I know this sounds crazy being we're just rolling into fall (which I adore) But we're planning our first Christmas party - newly married - new house - new friends and jobs. So we want to have a fancy fabulous impressive Christmas party that's making me nervous every time I start to think about it. Any ideas? Food decor invites theme - thanks!"

Elena, planning your Christmas party now doesn't sound crazy at all! Many stores, including, offer savings on Holiday items to those who order early so you are smart to be thinking ahead!

For your party, I would sest a White Christmas theme. White, when paired with silver and cream, sets the scene for an impressive party full of sophistication and class. Yet, this dazzling color palette will also help to keep your event feeling fresh and ultra-stylish.

First, invite guests with an elegant invitation like item # 43696 or item # 75464 from FineStationery.

Decorate your space with candlelight and glass or crystal candlesticks -- The White Company

Trim your tree with white ornaments -- 2 Green Thumbs Up

Serve White Hot Chocolate topped with marshmallows and sprinkled with cocoa -- Sunset magazine via MyRecipes

Hang silver and white ornaments at staggered lengths within your doorway casings -- Decorating Diva (ornaments from Pottery Barn)

Create a dessert buffet filled with snowflake cookies and white chocolate candies -- Fancy Flours

Wrap gifts in white and set them around your party space for added ambiance -- Country Living

Place a selection of white and silver ornaments on a silver tray for decor that is sure to dazzle -- Country Living

country christmas decorating ideas

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