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Antique butterfly table : Square coffee table set.

Antique Butterfly Table

antique butterfly table

    butterfly table
  • A small drop-leaf table whose leaves are supported by a swinging support which resembles a butterfly wing on a rudder.

  • old-timer: an elderly man

  • shop for antiques; "We went antiquing on Saturday"

  • made in or typical of earlier times and valued for its age; "the beautiful antique French furniture"

  • A collectible object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its considerable age

antique butterfly table - Murray Feiss

Murray Feiss Lighting 9918SPB/AS One Light Table Lamp, Silver Pearl with Butterflies/Antique Silver Finish with Champagne Silk Fabric Shade

Murray Feiss Lighting 9918SPB/AS One Light Table Lamp, Silver Pearl with Butterflies/Antique Silver Finish with Champagne Silk Fabric Shade

Murray Feiss features a broad selection in all lighting product categories. An extensive variety of fixtures including grand chandeliers, functional pendants, versatile kitchen fixtures, decorative wall lights, flush and semi-flush mounts, and vanity lights with Co-Ordinating decorative hardware are featured in our website. Our portable line includes a wide range of table, floor, and swing arm lamps, along with torchieres. With a focus on design, quality, value and service, Murray Feiss is Home Fashion for Life.

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The Stone Dragon on the Hearth

The Stone Dragon on the Hearth

A Christmas story written for my oldest granddaughter.

One Christmas eve as my granddaughter, Kali and I were talking, she suddenly sat up, eyes wide and said,
“Is that your dragon grandpa?” she asked ,pointing to the hearth, strling to hold her hot chocolate in one hand.
“Yes it is” I said, “I bought him at an antique store.”
“Oh” said Kali,” he’s scary!”
“Oh, he used to be scary” I said “but he’s just a stone dragon now, because he had a cold, cold heart and he was turned to stone because of his bad deeds.”
“How do you know grandpa” Kali said, with a quizzical look.
“Look!” I said getting some old yellowed documents with fancy writing and big official wax seals out of the end table drawer, “ I got these papers when I bought the dragon, and here’s his story”, and I began to read….

Long, long ago in a country very much like China, there lived many dragons. They were respected for their bravery and their mystical powers. They were great storytellers because they had seen so much of the beginnings of many new civilizations, and they had met many people. Traders, explorers, magicians and conquerors all had been part of the dragon’s past, and the dragon’s stories told of many adventures that they had seen and experienced with these unique and exotic people. But there was one dragon, a small one, that didn’t quite fit in. He liked to breathe fire for the fun of it; he practiced burning trees, and butterflies, and scaring the people in the villages. He would fly overhead and laugh and set the rooftops on fire, just for fun. The elder dragons would warn him that he would have to pay consequences for his acts, for the Great One’s that gave the dragons their mystical powers told them that it was only for good, and if it was abused, they would be made mortal like every other animal. Or worse. But the little dragon continued. In fact, he continued for so long, that people forgot his real name, and when he was bad they would shout to him “ stop it Shien Hun!” That was the name they gave to him. It means “cold heart.”

One day when Shien Hun was being especially bad, he heard a thunderous voice from the heavens say to him
“little dragon, you are abusing your mystical powers, you must stop or you will be made like all of our other creatures. You won’t be able to fly, or breathe fire, or, live forever.” Shien Hun just laughed and continued with his bad deeds. He went down to the favorite creek in the village and breathed a great roar of fiery breath to heat the water to boiling all the while laughing and laughing as the frogs and fishes yelled and hopped out of the water. They yelled to him “stop it Shien Hun!” But he wanted to show them he was a really powerful dragon and he started to inhale really, really deeply to get a big, big blast of fire. He was going to show them all that no one could stop Shien Hun. Just as he was full of fire and began to snort at the frogs and fishes, a mysterious thing happened. Shien Hun was immediately frozen in his tracks. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t breathe fire, and he turned cold all over. In fact he was so cold the he was frozen into stone. The tremendous voice spoke again, “ Shien Hun, you will forever be frozen into stone because of your bad deeds, and you will only be returned to life when your cold, cold heart thaws.”

“ And so” I said as I folded the fragile old papers, “Shien Hun has been a stone dragon for many centuries, because it takes a long time to thaw a cold, cold heart. He rests on my fireplace hearth trying to warm himself, and as a reminder to bad dragons everywhere that magical power must never be abused.”
“ Oh” said Kali. “Maybe this will help”, and she bent down with her cup of hot chocolate and touched it to the dragon’s mouth leaving a hot chocolate moustache on the cold stone. She giggled as she climbed back on to my lap, her eyes flickering as she strled to stay awake. Just as she was nodding off, we were both watching the dragon and I could swear he let out a sigh. Kali sleepily said
“ I guess he likes hot chocolate grandpa” and she fell fast asleep.

This Is Where We Live Now Shelly

This Is Where We Live Now Shelly

PA has the best abandoned houses. It's so out of the way that all the goods are still there. I went to PA today and my friend Stefanie and I found this cute little abandoned tiny house. It was located next to a river so when it was inhabited it must have been quite lovely. We did a photo shoot there, there was only one giant room and a tiny bathroom that was the whole house. The kitchen was on the left back side, the bunk beds were in the living room, there were no rooms which was kinda weird. The walls were painted this lovely blue color and the doors were red. It was very tropical looking and made me think I was in some nice hotel on a tropical island somewhere. There were a lot of stuff that the people left behind, so we went and scavenged a lot of it. I got this antique looking black phone. One of those with the wheel, so when you dial you spin the numbers one at a time. I got a little red table to put the phone on. I got these weird little Jesus preying hands that when placed in my room look more like body parts. All the things I have contradict religion so much that the preying hands look instead just like models of human anatomy. Which is great. I found these fabric dolls of two black children, kinda like Hansel and Grethel but black. :) I found a taxidermy falcon which was in too bad of a condition to take. And I found a taxidermy butterfly which was not in too bad of a condition and which I took. I also got this chipped glass where they have directions on how to make various drinks. I like finding old things like that, there's always an air of mystery that surrounds them and a somewhat repressed story of the owners. Stefanie took a hanging sealing lamp that she now texted me and told me she didn't want anymore. Urk! :/

On our way back we found this cute little antique store, bought two books on ancient Rome, They're called A Brief History of Ancient Rome by Gurulelmo Ferrero or something like that, vintage old books which I love. I love all books but something about those antiques. :)

I started my math class on Monday. So far I'm doing good, which is a weird thing since math is not my thing. But the teacher that we have she's really good. She teaches 6th graders during the year and in the summer time teaches college kiddies. She treats us like sixth graders and I don't mind it because she explains things to you as many times as needed, step by step unlike my last math teacher who used to do half the steps in her head and come up with answers. If you asked her how she did it, she'd show you once if you didn't understand she'd get mad and yell at you. Oh well, I think I'll pass this time. :) YAY! We have our first quiz tomorrow which I'm a bit nervous about but I guess it's okay.

Wow, I have rammbled on and on and on, I'll stop now.

antique butterfly table

antique butterfly table

Sunset Selections Table with Butterfly Leaf Finish: Antique Black / Cherry

DLU-TBX-4866-SET Finish: Antique Black / Cherry Table Only - Chairs Sold Separately This beautifully designed furniture by Sunset Trading will assure you many years of use and enjoyment Features: -66'' butterfly table. -Sunset Selections collection. -Available in combination of antique black and cherry, rich honey light oak or combination of nutmeg and honey light oak finish. -Asian ramon hardwood construction. -Handcrafted. -Self storing butterfly leaf. -Pedestal with adjustable feet levelers. -18'' leaf converts from 48'' round to 48'' x 66''. -Assembly required. -Manufacturer provides one year warranty against defects.

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