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Medium Oak End Tables

medium oak end tables

    end tables
  • are small tables typically placed beside couches or armchairs. Often lamps will be placed on an end table.

  • Usually bought in pairs, they accent the style of the coffee table or other furniture. Usually placed at the end of the sofa, it is a very important piece of a living room set.

  • a means or instrumentality for storing or communicating information

  • About halfway between two extremes of size or another quality; average

  • (of cooked meat) Halfway between rare and well-done

  • average: around the middle of a scale of evaluation; "an orange of average size"; "intermediate capacity"; "medium bombers"

  • (meat) cooked until there is just a little pink meat inside

  • a deciduous tree of the genus Quercus; has acorns and lobed leaves; "great oaks grow from little acorns"

  • the hard durable wood of any oak; used especially for furniture and flooring

  • A smoky flavor or aroma characteristic of wine aged in barrels made from this wood

  • A tree that bears acorns as fruit, and typically has lobed deciduous leaves. Oaks are common in many north temperate forests and are an important source of hard and durable wood used chiefly in construction, furniture, and (formerly) shipbuilding

  • An Oak is a tree or shrub in the genus Quercus (; Latin "oak tree"), of which about 600 species exist on earth. "Oak" may also appear in the names of species in related genera, notably Lithocarpus.



A Contemporary Coffee Table with Traditional Values.

Liberty was looking for a piece of furniture that Arthur Liberty would be thrilled to commission were he alive today. The Q.T. table embodies craft values but with a contemporary twist. It is a response to a gap in the high-end furniture market for a quality, medium sized wooden coffee table which could be viewed as an investment piece. The concept was based on extensive turning and material experimentation. The tradition of using turned legs in furniture has been updated by contrasting pale Lime against darker European Oak. The leg profile is also a modern take on a traditional leg shape. The table balances qualities of craftsmanship, materiality and quality against those of eclecticism and innovation. Qualities that it shares with the Liberty brand.

Liz McKenzie
+ 44(0)7988685562

Oak Bedroom Tall clothing storage hutch $200

Oak Bedroom Tall clothing storage hutch  $200

Stunning tall clothing storage hutch in solid wood in medium brown finish - lots of room to store clothing and has two drawers underneath for additional storage - matches headboard , dresser and end tables also available.

Prefer to sell as a set
38`` wide/ 17.5 deep/ 59`` tall

medium oak end tables

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