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Radiant Floor Thermostat. Floor Globes. Choosing Hardwood Floor Color.

Radiant Floor Thermostat

radiant floor thermostat

    radiant floor
  • Radiant heating is a technology for heating indoor and outdoor areas. Radiant heating consists of "radiant energy" being emitted from a heat source. Radiant heating heats a building through radiant heat, rather than other conventional methods including convection heating.

  • A type of radiant heating system where the building floor contains channels or tubes through which hot fluids such as air or water are circulated. The whole floor is evenly heated. Thus, the room heats from the bottom up.

  • A device that automatically regulates temperature, or that activates a device when the temperature reaches a certain point

  • a regulator for automatically regulating temperature by starting or stopping the supply of heat

  • A thermostat is a device for regulating the temperature of a system so that the system's temperature is maintained near a desired setpoint temperature. The name is derived from the Greek words thermos "hot" and statos "a standing".

  • control the temperature with a thermostat

radiant floor thermostat - Honeywell Radiant

Honeywell Radiant Heating 120/240V Programmable Thermostat with Floor Sensor and GFCI (TH115-AF-GA)

Honeywell Radiant Heating 120/240V Programmable Thermostat with Floor Sensor and GFCI (TH115-AF-GA)

This compact, stylish Honeywell thermostat comes loaded with advanced programming features and a large backlit LED. It controls floor temperature directly using included floor temperature sensor for maximum comfort and efficiency. The programmabilty is outstanding and facilitates energy efficient operation, and is simple to use. GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupt) is built-in for your safety and for building code requirements. Early Start function ensures programmed temperature is reached by programmed time .Temporary bypass enables temperature override without changing programming. ON OFF switch enables thermostat shutdown at the end of heating season for added security. Rated for up to 1800W of floor heating with 120V heating mats, or 3600W with 240V mats. The Honeywell brand assures quality and comes with a 3 year warranty.

80% (8)

Dimplex Oil Filled Panel Radiators 750W - 2kW

Dimplex Oil Filled Panel Radiators 750W - 2kW

The DIMPLEX MK1 oil filled panel radiators are manufactured in the UK and are available in 4 different outputs: 750W, 1,000W, 1,500W and 2,000W they offer the perfect solution to portable or fixed heating requirements for both domestic and commercial premises. These heaters heat the room with a clever combination of convected and radiant heat. They are strong, robust and durable with a smooth easy clean white stove enamel surface. Thermostatic controls ensure you can regulate and maintain whatever temperature you require in any room of the house or office space.The control dial has nine graduated heat settings with frost protection setting. Clever thermostat that automatically responds to the air temperature of the room Room temperature control range 6C – 45CIdeal for either background or whole room heatingProviding a fine degree of control and economical operationThe panels are finished in subtle white stove enamel Safe, reliable and requires little or no maintenance Can either be used free standing or wall mounted using the brackets suppliedThermostatically controlled Floor standing: Width with feet, 220mmWall mounted: Projection, 83mmSupplied with cable and fitted plug 1.5m Model N0. Power (W) Height mm Width mm Depth mm Weight kg Fuse (A) Thermostatic B48 750 659 570 95 9.5 13 Yes C412 1000 659 840 95 14 13 Yes D416 1500 659 1105 95 18.5 13 Yes E420 2000 659 1373 95 23 13 Yes

Will's water closet during

Will's water closet during

We removed tile all along walls and floor, downsized hvac vent in wall to 5inch round using a marine application butterfly vent, recessed toilet in wall to gain needed space, the 4inch cast iron vent/drain pipe chase was used to run electrical up from basement, installed a Myson brand towel warmer with auto thermostat recessed in wall to save space, radiant heated floor wire with auto thermostat and custom built in wall medicine cabinet (unseen above) to house both thermostats...maybe the most $ we invested per square foot but well worth it according to client.

radiant floor thermostat

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