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Attorney General In Ohio

attorney general in ohio

    attorney general
  • In most common law jurisdictions, the attorney general, or attorney-general, is the main legal advisor to the government, and in some jurisdictions he or she may in addition have executive responsibility for law enforcement or responsibility for public prosecutions.

  • The principal legal officer who represents a country or a state in legal proceedings and gives legal advice to the government

  • the chief law officer of a country or state

  • the person who holds the position of secretary of the Justice Department; "Edmund Randolph was the first Attorney General, appointed by President Washington"

  • The head of the US Department of Justice

  • Ohio is a Midwestern state in the United States. The 34th largest state by area in the U.S., it is the 7th-most populous with nearly 11.5 million residents. The state's capital is Columbus. The Anglicized name 'Ohio' comes from the Iroquois word ohi-yo’, meaning 'great river'. Mithun (1999), p.

  • A state in the northeastern US, bordering on Lake Erie; pop. 11,353,140; capital, Columbus; statehood, Mar. 1, 1803 (17). It was acquired by Britain from France in 1763 and by the US in 1783 after the American Revolution

  • a midwestern state in north central United States in the Great Lakes region

  • a river that is formed in western Pennsylvania and flows westward to become a tributary of the Mississippi River

The Frank T. Bow Federal Building

The Frank T. Bow Federal Building

3rd St SW, 172 E Canton, Ohio, United States

Constructed: 1933
Nat'l Register ID #:
GSA Building #: OH0023ZZ

From Wkipedia:

Frank Townsend Bow was a noted Ohio jurist and politician who served as as a Republican Congressman in the United States House of Representatives from January 3, 1951 until his death on November 13, 1972.

Bow was born in Canton, Ohio on February 20, 1901. He attended college at Ohio Northern University where he was a member of the Sigma Pi Fraternity and law school at Columbia University. He was admitted to the Ohio bar in 1923 when he returned to Canton to practice law. The Frank T. Bow Federal Building in Canton, Ohio is named in his honor.

In 1929, Bow was appointed as assistant attorney general of the state. In 1932, he was hired by WHBC, a Canton area radio station. During World War II, he worked as the station's overseas correspondent, traveling to cover the war in the Philippines. During the Eightieth United States Congress, Bow was hired as part of the general counsel to the Expenditures Committee. Senator Andrew F. Schoeppel hired him as a legislative aide during the next Congress.

In 1950, Bow was elected to the House of Representatives. He was a close ally of Dwight D. Eisenhower and a staunch supporter of tax reform. Bow died during his eleventh term in Congress.

Bow was succeded by Ralph S. Regula

From the Alliance Review website, March 29, 2009:

If [newly elected] U.S. Rep John Boccieri has his way, the federal building in Canton will bear the name of his predecessor.

Boccieri, D-Alliance, introduced legislation Tuesday in the U.S. House that would designate the federal building and U.S. courthouse located at McKinley Street and Third Avenue Southwest in Canton as the Ralph Regula Federal Building and United States Courthouse.

Robert A. Taft Memorial and Carillon

Robert A. Taft Memorial and Carillon

Robert A. Taft was born on September 8, 1889, in Cincinnati, Ohio; his father, William Howard Taft, was the only person to serve as both President of the United States and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Rejected by the army for poor eyesight, in 1917 he joined the legal staff of the Food and Drug Administration where he met Herbert Hoover who became his idol. In 1918-19 he was in Paris as legal adviser for the American Relief Administration, Hoover's agency which distributed food to war-torn Europe.

attorney general in ohio

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