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Memphis Tennessee Attorneys

memphis tennessee attorneys

    memphis tennessee
  • Memphis is a city in the southwest corner of the U.S. state of Tennessee, and the county seat of Shelby County. The city is located on the 4th Chickasaw Bluff, south of the confluence of the Wolf and Mississippi rivers.

  • "Memphis, Tennessee" is a song by rock & roll singer–songwriter Chuck Berry. It is sometimes shortened to "Memphis". In the UK, the song charted at #6 in 1963. It was most successfully covered by Johnny Rivers whose version of "Memphis" was a #2 US hit in 1964.

  • (attorney) In the United States, a lawyer; one who advises or represents others in legal matters as a profession; An agent or representative authorized to act on someone else's behalf

  • (Attorney) An alternate word for lawyers or "barrister & solicitor", used mostly in the USA. A person that has been trained in the law and that has been certified to give legal advice or to represent others in litigation.

  • A lawyer

  • A person appointed to act for another in business or legal matters

  • (attorney) lawyer: a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice

Luke E. Wright (1846-1922)

Luke E. Wright (1846-1922)

Luke Edward Wright (1846-1922), of Memphis, Tenn.

Tennessee Attorney General, 1870-78; Governor-General of the Philippines, 1904-06; U.S. Ambassador to Japan, 1906-07; U.S. Secretary of War, 1908-09.

Image from American Monthly Review of Reviews, December 1902.

Memphis Skyline, River Cruise, Memphis Tennessee

Memphis Skyline, River Cruise, Memphis Tennessee

Memphis Skyline, River Cruise, Memphis Tennessee

memphis tennessee attorneys

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