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Personal Injury Attorney Stuart

personal injury attorney stuart

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Stuart - GPN Model

Stuart - GPN Model

Interesting evening tonight.
I went along to a GPN meeting.
(Gay Photographers Network).

A lovely chap, Gaz, was demonstrating studio light with big Bowens studios strobes along with a variety of softboxes, beauty dishes and grids.

And helping out was the chap you see in the picture here, Stuart. Who very patiently and kindly modelled for everyone for each style of set up.

I couldn't give accurate lighting info, being unfamiliar with the lighting system.
But above and camera right was a beauty dish pointing down at the model. And a background light was off camera left slightly behind to get that light running down his arm.

The point, and my favourite part, was managing to get that lovely dark triangle under his chin.

Processing: Only my favourite three layer de-saturation technique. It didn't need much else.

A good evening.



Stuart on his just arrived fourteenth birthday. Not quite sure how we've gotten to this point.

personal injury attorney stuart

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