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četvrtak, 21.08.2008.

Big fish

I'm gonna tell you a story. And you'll say it couldn't possibly be true. Well it's true anyway cause it's true for me. And the only difference between you and me is that I can see all the things you can see only I see them differently and that's the only reason why I tell my stories differently.
It may seem to you that my stories are crazy and in that case I myself probably seem crazy to you. Well.. People who tell funny stories are called comedians, people who tell stories through music are called artists, people who tell stories with all the
tiny details & tedious facts are called.. boring. Feel free to tell me I don't have a brain cell left in my whole cranium .. if you think I lost my mind & clear judgement. My kind of people you'll call crazy, you'll call insane, you'll call liars.. Until you finally understand & ( I hope) you will one day.
One day you'll fall in love! And I don't mean like.. falling in love with your future wife or husband. You'll fall in love with.. a cloud. Or a black key on your piano. Or the way somebody laughs. Or the last slice of pizza. The taste of chocolate. Or a flower in the snow. You'll fall in love with the smell of your grandma's pie. Or freshly cut grass. Or the smell of summer rain falling on hot tin roofs. The fabric softener your ex used to use. I'm not saying we always fall in love with nice things cause you can love the bottom of a bottle or the last cigarette in the box just the same.
We can never explain why we fall in love, especially not with such strange things (which make sense to no one but you). What matters is that once you're in love all the butterflies in your stomach start flying and you fly away with them. And all of that because you came across a small yet beautiful thing. For a moment there you get to fly away.. I don't know about you, but I'd sell all the brain cells in my cranium for that. By losing my mind I lose all the restraints holding my imagination down.
When you fall in love, remember me. Remember my stories then .. cause that may be the only time when they'll seem true to you. Even though they couldn't possibly be true ;)

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