Rock mi je skinuo grudnjak

nedjelja, 27.04.2008.

The best party ever

I want to pick peaches off of a cherry tree

Dreams don't always come true
The way you want them to.

And the thing that really frightens me
Is that the people I used to love
Are turning into monsters
Telling me how great their life is
And how happy I would be if I could
Just be more like them

You can see my broken heart
I've always been in love with you
They're just paper cuts
I'll sellotape them up
And bandage them with cotton wool and glue

I need some clean air in my lungs

I've got nothing to be afraid of,
So I'm afraid of nothing.

However hard we tried it never seemed to be enough
I never would've got here if i'd followed my heart

Everything I feel feels wrong.
I don't know when to hang on
And when to let go.
But I can't get used
To being alone.
And I won't get used
To being alone.

Sometimes it gets lonely
Being valiantly alone.
I get sad just thinking
Of all the little things
I never ever had the heart to do.
If I looked out of a
Different window would the
Snow still fall as beautiful?

I've always been chasing rainbows
Staring out of classroom windows.
I don't think I'll ever be happy,
Unless I'm unhappy and hing my grudge.

We're growing apart
We're trying to be friends
But it's hard sometimes
To be friends with something
That eats butterflies

Everything ends
The way it begins

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