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Vintage Plane Decor

vintage plane decor

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vintage plane decor - Airplane Rides

Airplane Rides Retro Sign / Wall Plaque

Airplane Rides Retro Sign / Wall Plaque

This sign is just one of many made by New Retro Signworks. It's a sure-fire way to please that person on your gift list! At 8 by 10 inches, it's perfect for framing, or to hang just about anywhere!
This is an exclusive New Retro Signworks original design, incorporating vintage ad art from the good old days! And we have many more signs like this one! Click the "Other products by New Retro Signworks" link at the top of this page.
It's not made of tin - but wood (tempered hardboard). And it has a special charm that tin signs just can't match! Recommended for indoor use only, but our art is printed using archival inks to last a lifetime, and we use a plastic overlaminate. Our signs also have faux antiquing to simulate decades of aging.
Our signs are a popular choice and the perfect size for propping up on a desk, hanging on a door, or even on the wall! Just think about all the places that could use a little splash of retro style: At work, or at home. In your kitchen, laundry, game room, family room, bedroom, office, cubicle, classroom, break room, even the bathroom.

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Little paper plane

Little paper plane

Yes, that plane is from paper. I'm not kidding. This is what I've been doing today and yesterday. It's 1,7 cm width and 1,3 cm long. The German in the back is for reference.
I made this to put it on the catapult in my WIP DKM Admiral Graf Spee. (It's a paper model as well.)

vintage cars 019

vintage cars 019

A nursery for a baby boy combines a fresh color scheme with traditional subject matter.
Vintage cars roll along the ambling apple green hills, whilst colorful bi-planes dip and spin in the blue sky.
Whimsical balloons and kites add the finishing touches.

vintage plane decor

vintage plane decor

Primary Biplane Airplane Wall Sticker Decal Large Sheet

Love that fabulous look of custom painted wall murals and expensive hand-painted furniture you see in all the best home decorating magazines? Ever wish you had your own personal mural artist or decorator to help you create your very own personalized designs? Wish you had the time, talent, or budget to create exciting, whimsical one-of-a-kind bedrooms or playrooms for the kids? Looking for something easy, but snappy and fun for a couple of dull, boring rooms?These Murals Designs are an exciting and fun new way to personalize and decorate your walls and furniture, create stunning one of a kind accessories and more - let your imagination run wild with possibilities. The peel and stick self adhesive vinyl designs will give you the flexibility of creating a custom look, with all the details of the dry rub transfers but you can remove or reposition them.

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