The last Neoslavic union

srijeda , 29.08.2018.

I hope you as well, my Serbian and you, my Bosnian brother and sister, will succeed.

It may take a lifetime, or perhaps three, to change things, father and baby's step by step, in these authistic, automated times in search for a real, pure Slavic human being,

but dont you give up, never give up, because its what we all need,
its a dire need if we are to survive this imposed hoplesness and greed.

But once the levy brakes, know we shall again be free.

If not, then death will level and equillise everyone and everything, and we shall anyway be freed.

About me succeeding, i sincery doubt it,
since im 38 years old and have 2 small children depending on me,
with all these shitty minimal wage jobs,
that are breaking my spine and my spirit,
leaving me less and less time to hope, or to even breathe.

All i can say, in the name of hope, is this:
they can try to impose once more
their dead and rotting ideology,
or their likewise political options on me,

but the working man's colour
will always be blood red if you ask me,
and our future is coloured black by liars, thieves, murderers and their needs,

and thats got nothing to do with colours of foney capitalist politics,
its simply about us,
about working man spitting blood
and pissing into the wind.


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