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American Wood Council Span Tables : Folding Garden Table : Antique Asian Table.

American Wood Council Span Tables

american wood council span tables

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american wood council span tables - American Express

American Express Have A Blast Gift Card $50

American Express Have A Blast Gift Card $50

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Council Chamber

Council Chamber

The Council Chamber occupies an area of about 300 sq m. The design of the Council Chamber harmonizes with the neoclassical qualities of the exterior of the Building.
The original doorways to the Council Chamber were of classical style and each is pedimented. Four pairs of Ionic order columns are located at the corners of the Council Chamber. The layout of the Council Chamber is symmetrical with the President's dais and the table for Committee Chairmen right on the centre line. Seats are almost evenly distributed on the two sides of the centre line. A public and press gallery is built at the mezzanine floor level on each side of the Council Chamber and a spiral staircase is installed to provide access to each of them. The Council Chamber projects an image of solemnity and grandeur.

Woodward's Candy Factory - Council Bluffs, IA.

Woodward's Candy Factory - Council Bluffs, IA.

Reproduction (color) of an advertisement for Woodward's Candy Company, showing an overview of the factory.

From "Council Bluffs, Broadway" By Richard Warner, Ryan Roenfeld:

"The John G. Woodward and Company's candy factory at 211 West Broadway was one of the first buildings designed by Danish-born architect J. Chris Jensen. Established in 1895, the business ultimately employed over 500 workers at the factory with 25 traveling salesmen on the road promoting their products as far west as Idaho... By the 1930's, Woodward's was distributed in 36 states and produced 3.5 to 5 million pounds of candy annually. The candy factory closed in 1938."

american wood council span tables

american wood council span tables

Nesco BJ-6 Jerky Spice Works, 6-Pack, Original Flavor

Delight an outdoor cook, large-game hunter, or angler with this savory collection of 6 Original Flavor jerky seasoning packs.To use, simply mix the spice and cure packets with lean ground beef, pork, turkey, or other meat, then press into jerky sticks and place on a dehydrator for a great-tasting snack in a matter of hours and at a fraction of the cost of store-bought jerky. Tuck a few packs into hunting bags or camping gear for a thoughtful and tasteful treat fitting for any meat-lover or sportsman.

Nesco, a company most known for the manufacture of food dehydrators, has created a line of spices designed to enhance the flavor of homemade jerky. This package includes six seasoning and six cure packets and it takes one of each to flavor 1 pound of meat. Beef or pork is most commonly used, but other meats can be substituted. The resulting taste carries the requisite saltiness combined with a hint of hickory smoke flavor. For spicier jerky, add 1/4 teaspoon or more of cayenne pepper. Drying can take place in a food dehydrator or any conventional oven. Other seasoning flavors available for purchase include: teriyaki, pepperoni, hot 'n spicy, and Cajun. -- Amy Arnold
What's in the Box
6 seasoning packets, 6 cure packets.

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