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Vinyl Laminate Floor

vinyl laminate floor

vinyl laminate floor - Thermoweb Heat'n

Thermoweb Heat'n Bond Iron-On Vinyl-17"X2 Yards Gloss

Thermoweb Heat'n Bond Iron-On Vinyl-17

THERM O WEB-Iron On Vinyl; Lustre Finish. 17Wx2 Yards. Iron On Vinyl is a clear laminating product that protects fabric and other smooth surfaces that will be stretched or pulled. The Lustre (gloss) gives a shiny brilliant look and contains an advanced adhesive formula for quick and easy laminating resulting in a smooth and flexible finish and provides a durable scuff-and-water resistant UV-rated finish Washable. This product can be machine sewn and cleaned with a damp cloth. Used for Crafts or Home Decor such as: Totebags memorabilia Protectors Portfolios Table Covers Outdoor Furniture Placemats and Much More!

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My floors: After

My floors: After

My beautiful "new" flooring (about a month ago, I just never got round to taking pictures). It's just vinyl, because carpet would be stupid with Max and I can't afford proper laminate. Besides, I had laminate in my room at my dad's house and Max used to slip and slide all over the place on it lol.

I heart my floor :P

Cubbie the Bear for Indian Hills Swin Club

Cubbie the Bear for Indian Hills Swin Club

Sign-A-Rama owner Jim Gleason shows off Cubbie the Bear recreated for Indian Hills Swim Club. We took an old hand-painted version and recreated him using Adobe Illustrator. We then printed him on glossy vinyl. After laminating and diecutting the Cubbie we applied the final print to a custom routed piece of aluminum.

vinyl laminate floor

vinyl laminate floor

Carbon Fiber Laminate Film Vinyl Sheet Roll Wrap - 36

Rwrap Carbon Fiber film is designed to customize any hard non-porous surface. This series is a double ply textured adhesive backed film that allows for semi-permanent application. It is intended for simple to moderate curved applications where durability counts. How to apply Rwrap Film: Measure the application area where the film is going to be applied. Take into consideration any bends or compound curves that may need the material to bend when wrapping. Choose the most applicable size. A Tailor's Tape works well when measuring. With the properly sized film selected, simply mist the film and application area with the recommended application solution, apply it over the area, heat the film with a hair dryer, apply it to the surface with a squeegee or other hard card and trim away the excess. If it sounds hard, don't worry we provide online instructional videos. Recommended application Tools? We recommends the use of an application squeegee which will reduce air bubbles during installation and aide in heat conforming the film to your application area. By using a low friction sleeve, you will reduce the chance of scratching your film during application. Application solutions such as Rapid Clear will remove any dirt or debris from your application surface and Rapid Tac will aide in the wet application of our adhesive backed film kits.

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