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Zebra floor mats. Acid stained concrete floor. First floor restaurant portobello road

Zebra Floor Mats

zebra floor mats

zebra floor mats - A Set

A Set of 4 Universal Fit Animal Print Carpet Floor mats for Cars / Truck - Zebra Purple

A Set of 4 Universal Fit Animal Print Carpet Floor mats for Cars / Truck - Zebra Purple

Add a dash of fun and personalized your car with a set of animal print floor mats. The fabric of the print is made from polyester with anti-fade coloring process. The result is a short hair material that is soft to the touch yet durable. The backing is made from nibber PVC which prevents from sliding and shifting. There is no better way to protect your vehicle's floor / floor mats and increase values while having a bit of fun. Also a great gift idea. Dimension front: 26 X 17. Dimension rear: 17 X 13.

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Day 8 - Walking the Green Hills of Africa

Day 8 - Walking the Green Hills of Africa

Thursday January 21, 2010
Selous Game Reserve

We got an early start today - up at 5:30, a cup of tea, a muffin, and then back into the truck to drive to a spot where we could go on our walking safari. It was the five of us along with Matthias and Margot again and Rama, who was our personal guide, driver, and boatsman for each day of our stay. This was Matthias and Margot's last safari. They were catching a flight to Zanzibar that afternoon.

I'd been looking forward to the walking safari. In deciding which trip to book I had compared various safaris. I'd wanted as much variety as possible. I didn't just want to spend three days seeing Africa from the back of a truck. I wanted to get out in it. With combined boating, walking, and driving safaris (not to mention the train trip in and plane trip out) the safari I had picked seemed perfect. Although we gotten an early start and the terrain we covered was mostly level, it was still pretty damn hot traipsing across the African countryside.

Because we were out and about on foot this time, we had an armed ranger with us. He was one of the same fellows who patrolled the grounds of our lodge at night to keep us safe from any critters who might have been considering making a snack of us. We weren't able to get as close to the animals as we were when we were in the truck. Rama explained that the animals didn't view the truck as a threat. The animals viewed the truck as a big lumbering creature that was too big to be prey and too passive to be a threat. Plus the exhaust fumes covered the scent of the people in it. On foot it was different however and the animals recognized us and wouldn't let us get very close.

We did see some giraffes and elephants and found some zebra bones near a watering hole and passed by several termite mounds. It didn't really matter though that we didn't see much in the way of animals. It was just nice to be out for a stroll through Africa. After about an hour and a half of walking we got back in the truck and returned to the lodge for a full breakfast. We had several hours of free time until our afternoon game drive and I spent the time napping on the veranda of my cabin, reading, and going for a swim in the lodge pool. The pool was filled with untreated spring water and every so often they would drain it into the lodge's two watering holes and refill it. It was definitely a bit nippy, but a perfect way to cool down from the jungle heat.

On our way back into the park for our afternoon game drive we came across a small group of blue-faced monkeys and added them to our spotters' list. They and the elands we'd spotted the day before were the toughest things to photograph. We only encountered eland once and they ran as soon as we got in the vicinity. The monkeys were also skittish and moved very fast. Three of them ran across the road in front of our truck and were in the underbrush before I could get a shot of them, but I did manage to photograph one that was watching us from a tree.

There weren't as many animals out and about in the afternoon as there had been in the mornings. The ones we did see were mostly just impala and giraffes. Still no lions. We'd given up on seeing rhinos after Rama had told us that there were only 15-20 rhinos in all of the Selous Game Reserve. Given that it was the largest national park in Africa (and the second largest in the entire world) spotting rhinos there was definitely a needle in a haystack proposition. We also didn't have much hope of spotting leopards given that they were primarily nocturnal. The lodge had formerly offered optional night safaris you could take for an additional fee but had discontinued the practice due to the fact that 99 times out of 100 you just drove around in the dark and didn't see anything.

We were still hoping for lions, though. On this drive we visited areas of the Reserve we hadn't driven through before. One of the coolest parts came when Rama drove us into a clump of trees and had us follow him on foot to what proved to be a hidden natural pool full of cavorting hippos. We watched from the cover of the trees on the cliffs above as they frolicked about and made a calamitous racket.

After the spying on the bathing hippos we drove around for a while longer. It was getting late and our hopes of lions were beginning to dwindle. Then, just as Rama was about to turn the truck around and take us back to the lodge he spotted a lion and lioness laying under a tree. Success at last! He managed to drive us over and park within 30 feet of the lions. They gave us a token glance and then went back to lounging in the shade. I was surprised they let us get that close. I think it was a little too close for comfort for Ruth, who kept sesting that we'd been there long enough and it was time to get moving.

When Rama did restart the truck after a while he drove us around in back of the lions and this time we were able to get within about 15 feet of them before we left. It was amazing.



This picture doesn't adequately capture the amount of sweat on the t-shirt. Against the backdrop of the zebra-print floor mats in our living room. I swear to Christ, we don't live in a brothel or a teahouse.

zebra floor mats

zebra floor mats

Set of 2 Universal-Fit Safari Animal Print Front Rubber Floor Mats - Zebra Black and White

A set of two heavey duty rubber floor mats. BDK introduced a line of beautiful designed rubber floor mats that design add a splash of fun to your vehicle. The rubber floor mats are made from 100% rubber which makes it extremely strong and durable. The manufacturing process utility the state of art color molding process that bakes in color to prevent discoloration. Rubber floor mats are water proof that make them not just perfect for protecting the vehicle flooring but also make the cleaning is a breeze. Simply with just soap and rinse and you will keep these mats clean and looking new for a long time. Rubber floor mats are one of the best investments for protecting the value of your car by keeping the floor clean from any stains cause by spills, daily foot trackion of dirty and debris and mishandled road snacks. Dimensions: 26 inch x 17 inch

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