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How to repair shower tiles. Back windshield repair

How To Repair Shower Tiles

how to repair shower tiles

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"I love us"

2 weeks ago my younger brother Khalil celebrated his 22nd birthday, but didn't celebrate till the following Saturday. You can see the picture I took talking about this on my last picture in my photostream.

So, just like last year we had a convoy come up to Lehigh, PA and pay him a visit.

We soon followed was nothing short of a great weekend.

3 cars lefts from Baltimore, including myself and several of my very close friends and family, including Ducky, her boyfriend Kenny, my cousin Harold, my brother Ahmad, Toney, Dora, Osu, my niece Kiera and my girl natalie.

You can always tell who will be in your life for the long run, because even though you may not talk to or see each other as often as you like, when you all come together its almost as if nothing has changed at all.

First order of business, a house party on his campus, which turned out to be pretty much dead until we arrived and made it a little bit more interesting. Osu got pretty much drunk beyond repair, lol, and everyone else seemed to have a good time despite the 'meh' party.

"Parties. Thrown by you. Owned by us." - [Old O.T.C. motto]

After waking up the next morning. We drove to a nearby dorm and commandeered their shower. But after hearing all of the rumors/horror stories of the shower tiles of the mens bathroom the guys opted to shower in our socks. lol. you can only imagine.

Afterwards we went to the Waffle House and pretty much smashed everything that was thrown in front of us.

When we got back to my brothers place we all pretty much just sat out on the porch, watched the fat kids run by to the wendy's across the street, hoped that skateboarders would fall, laughed, relaxed, drank and all that good stuff. Most of the time we were waiting for some one my brothers friend knew to come by with a random supply of hamburger meat to start a cookout. but we underestimated the hospitality of his peers when we went around the back of his house to see a cookout was already in progress, they saw all of us and invited us over to eat, we grabbed a few essentials from the market across the street and within the 30 minutes we were either eating bugers/hot dogs, or playing beer pong, flip cup, just talking or enjoying the new company.

We ended our day by going to yet another party later on that night that proved to be better than the party from the previous night. "Let me clear my throat", a failed attempt at crowd surfing and all that other good stuff.

We ended our weekend by going to SONIC before we headed on the road. and for anyone in Baltimore or Maryland, you know JUST how special a moment that was, seeing as how they always have Sonic commercials where there is no got damn Sonic. [sigh] I will be the first to say, that food there was well worth the wait.

Despite a few personal issues, this was yet another weekend that we'll all remember and laugh about for years to come, and I know I drill this into the ground often when I'm around them, but I just want them all to know that I love them. Real talk. And even though my cousin joked about it, I can't think of a better group of people I would want to experience these times with.


Noon on Day 2 229/365

Noon on Day 2 229/365

Poked my head into the condo to see how things were coming along, a lot of progress is being made, walls repaired and mudded, tile going up in the shower, floor tile being laid, I think it will be done in the next day or so.

how to repair shower tiles

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