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Motorcycle Gas Tank Rust Repair

motorcycle gas tank rust repair

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    gas tank
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Gas Tank - MEK Soak

Gas Tank - MEK Soak

A methyl ethyl ketone solution that's been soaking for about 30 hours to try and dissolve the polyurethane Kreem liner in the tank.

So far it seems to be doing a pretty good job. I'm eager to move onto removing the rust left in the tank. It looks as though the rust was never previously addressed. Just poorly covered with Kreem liner.

I was able to carve a piece of cork to fit the hole where the petcock connects. It is completely resistant to the chemicals corrosion. The tank is covered in plastics in my attempt to save the paint through this whole process. We'll see how it fairs when I'm done.

Gas tank installed.

Gas tank installed.

2009/10/19: gas tank installed after cleaning, painting and undercoating. All bolts were cleaned and shot with WD-40 before re-installed. The brackets were cleaned, primed and painted as well. The filler neck was cleaned and painted. New fuel hose and clamps connect tank to hard fuel lines.

motorcycle gas tank rust repair

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