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Red Ring Of Death Repair Guide. Windshield Repair Replace. Radiator Repairs

Red Ring Of Death Repair Guide

red ring of death repair guide

    red ring
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163/365 Red Ring of Death

163/365  Red Ring of Death

12.29.2009 Day 163

Get it? Red wall, Orbis ring light, faulty xbox, and mad gamer= The Red Ring of Death.

Long story short. There are 3 red lights that come on which indicate an overheating of the system, usually after the console has been played for an extended time or in above moderate heat, usually at no fault of the user. Microsoft solved the issue with the newer systems and has warranty for the older system which I have. Sucks I have to wait a few weeks to get this one fixed. Oh well, i'll just have to take my son's Xbox away for a while.

Josh Chiu-I already know what you're going to say, but Xbox still beats the PS3. Better games and better online gaming. I don't use this to watch movies. LOL

Orbis ring flash via 580ex @ 1/4
Triggered by Radio Popper PX

Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 at Circuit City

Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 at Circuit City

Took this to prove I was at a Circuit City with my girlfriend Celia where we found a Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 on display.

Funniest part was that i asked an employee when they would remove it, and he asked why would we remove it? I told him about it being dead and he was like whats the Red Ring of Death...

LMAO!! Well the rest speaks for itself.

red ring of death repair guide

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