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Walnut Engineered Flooring - In Floor Heating Boilers - Mezzanine Floor Supplier.

Walnut Engineered Flooring

walnut engineered flooring

    engineered flooring
  • Engineered floors are made up of multiple layers of wood that are glued together as one board. The top decorative layer is wood. The bottom layer is usually particle board or plywood. It is made with an interlocking tongue and groove system siimilar to standard strip flooring.

  • Layered flooring designed for stability with a thin hardwood layer on the surface.

  • nut of any of various walnut trees having a wrinkled two-lobed seed with a hard shell

  • The large wrinkled edible seed of a deciduous tree, consisting of two halves contained within a hard shell that is enclosed in a green fruit

  • any of various trees of the genus Juglans

  • hard dark-brown wood of any of various walnut trees; used especially for furniture and paneling

  • The tall tree that produces this nut, with compound leaves and valuable ornamental timber that is used chiefly in cabinetmaking and gunstocks

walnut engineered flooring - 5 inch

5 inch Greenland 7-Layer Engineered Hardwood Walnut Natural Flooring (8 inch sample)

5 inch Greenland 7-Layer Engineered Hardwood Walnut Natural Flooring (8 inch sample)

This listing is for a piece of 8 inch sample of Greenland 5 inch 7-Layer Engineered Hardwood Walnut Natural flooring. The real product will be sold by cartons with Carton size of 24 sf. The Janka rating is 1750 and the finish is Semi-gloss with 6 coatings of aluminum oxide. The boards have the micro bevel on all four sides. The Carton weight is 48 lbs. FloorUS will stand behind the description of the product. And it is a mill direct home improvement products supplier, with the highest quality at the lowest prices in the North American market. Please call (866) 693-5787 or email for further help. Thank you for your interests!

79% (17)



Calculating square footage to see what rooms the 2k in wood flooring we just bought will cover. We returned the flooring the next day when I found 90% of the reviews online were negative about this particular brand. Stay away from Thomasville walnut engineered flooring.

East Rolling Glenn Dr. Pipersville, PA.-5

East Rolling Glenn Dr. Pipersville, PA.-5

Engineered hardwood floors refinished and stained special walnut. Second coat of polyurethane applied. Still wet. The floor gets three coats of polyurethane.

walnut engineered flooring

walnut engineered flooring

Bestwood Wood Flooring Black Walnut Engineered Hardwood Floors Tile with thickness: 14mm (5/9 In.), width: 5 In., length: 4'

Collection: Engineered Hardwood Floors Species: Black Walnut Finish: semi-glossy Surface Texture: smooth Size: 5 In. x 4 Ft. Thickness: 14mm Description & Strength: Bestwood presents a richly colored line of engineered flooring. Made to reflect the beauty of each species, Bestwood has designed a 8-9 ply constructed, 3-4 mm top-layered engineered floor that will adorn any suitable interior for years to come. Completed with a residential 25 year finish and structural warranty, confidence in durability and look are given. The semi-gloss finish is bolstered by 7 coats of aluminum oxide for maximum wear resistance. With a birch cross-ply core and a versatile range of options for easy installation, Bestwood's engineered hardwood floors offer toughness and elegance in equal measure. Brand Name: Bestwood Installation Method: Glue down or nail down Warranty: 25 yrs

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