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Paper hibiscus flowers : Flowers singapore

Paper Hibiscus Flowers

paper hibiscus flowers

    hibiscus flowers
  • certified organic is used to ease eczema. Hibiscus is astringent and is known to be anti-inflammatory and is very good for sensitive skin types.

  • a material made of cellulose pulp derived mainly from wood or rags or certain grasses

  • composition: an essay (especially one written as an assignment); "he got an A on his composition"

  • A newspaper

  • Wallpaper

  • cover with paper; "paper the box"

  • Material manufactured in thin sheets from the pulp of wood or other fibrous substances, used for writing, drawing, or printing on, or as wrapping material

paper hibiscus flowers - HIBISCUS Paper

HIBISCUS Paper Towel Holder / Stand *NEW*!

HIBISCUS Paper Towel Holder / Stand *NEW*!

Take a look at this BRAND NEW hibiscus 3-Dimensional Paper Towel Holder. This beautiful piece has been designed in a 3-dimensional form and matches our hibiscus decor line. It really is a beautiful piece with plenty of detail, vibrant colors, and a gorgeous design! The holder (made of wood) stands approx. 15" tall with the base measuring approx. 7" in diameter. The top of the stand that secures a paper towel roll is made of a high quality hand painted ceramic with a very fine gloss finish coating it. On the base there is a matching poly resin piece to secure the paper towels in place and can also be used for tearing. This would make a wonderful addition to any collection, or this would make a great gift for any collector. Don't forget to take a look at our other hibiscus items of this same design set and other styles. Thanks for looking =)

83% (18)

Double Layered Hibiscus

Double Layered Hibiscus

The flowers only last for one day, but what a feast of beauty!

·Herbal tea and jams
·Food coloring
·Philippines: A children’s bubble-blowing apparatus
·In India as an offering to goddess Kali and Lord Ganesha in Hindu worship.
·In Tahiti, the red hibiscus is traditionally worn by women – a single flower is tucked behind the ear to indicate the wearer’s available for marriage

**Mexico - in medicines as a diuretic

**India - in traditional medicine (Ayurveda), hibiscus roots are used to cure coughs. The flowers are boiled in oil along with other spices to make a medicated hair oil to prevent greying and hair loss. The leaves and flowers are ground into a fine paste with a little water and the resulting lathery paste is used as a shampoo plus conditioner.

**A 2008 USDA study shows consuming hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure. 3 cups of tea daily resulted in an average drop of 8.1 point in their systolic blood pressure, compared to a 1.3 point drop in the volunteers who drank the placebo beverage. Study participants with higher blood pressure readings (129 or above) had a greater response to hibiscus tea: their systolic blood pressure went down by 13.2 points. These data support the idea that drinking hibiscus tea in an amount readily incorporated into the diet may play a role in controlling blood pressure, although more research is required

Nice in large format

Hibiscus Birthday Cake

Hibiscus Birthday Cake

First time using my edible image printer - rice paper prints of hibiscus flowers and leaves.
I really had no idea what I was doing but hopefully it looks okay and the client will like it!!!!
With some cachous added!! And a much better photo I think

To all the Aussies and Kiwis out there....have a great ANZAC Day
I am off fishing for the weekend... Catch you all on Monday!

paper hibiscus flowers

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