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Really Cheap Flower Girl Dresses

really cheap flower girl dresses

    flower girl
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Mother Nature

Mother Nature

I very happy with the results to this shot. This young mother is at 33wks. She was fun to work with and was willing to try some different ideas I had.

This shot is a composite shot incorporating several things. First the shot was taken mid aftertoon the light on her face was natural sunlight breaking through the forest canopy,,,no this was not planned but luck always plays a little role.

The rest of the light was from three flash's, two 430 ex's and one 580 ex. One of the two 430 ex was behind and to the left of the model (from camera p.o.v.) the other 430 ex was to camera right. The 580 ex was to camera left. All shot full and on bare. Normally I tigger the flash via pocket wizards but I need High speed sync and for some reason my camera does not talk that language in pocket wizard (if it does I can't seem to find how to.) So I used a ST-E2 to trigger the flashes.

This is a line of sight trigger and well it makes thing SO MUCH MORE FUN...(not really).

I got to say the strobist shots by them selfs came out well but I wanted to add more "flavor".

Recently I found some reviews that had mention good things about Dynamic HDR 5 so I got that and have been playing around with it.

Working with a single jpeg image and some time later I found myself with a HDR image.

I then took that HDR image back to CS4 where more tweeking was done and this was the finished result.

So being a amuteur in photography I have to say flickr is the bomb as in learing. I've gotten so much insight into cameras and the programs used with images.

Yes I've gotten some books and done some self study but the ideas I'm exposed to here is just so much help.

The material for shoot was cheap. The halo wreath was $7.00, Flowered Vine $14.00, and the dress was just a sheer curtain hang purchase from walmart for $16.00.

121/365 Up up and away

121/365 Up up and away

I had SOOOO much fun doing this shoot today.. even though it was like 29837 degrees outside. Balloons are actually quite cheap to my surprise haha. I will upload many manyyy more photos from today soon(:

reached 1,500 views! thank you all so much, i really appriciate it <3

la la la la life is wonderful

really cheap flower girl dresses

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