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Cheap Primitive Decor

cheap primitive decor

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Primitive Barn Cat Doll

Primitive Barn Cat Doll

This primitive folk art cat doll is handmade and designed by Stephanie Baker of Old World Primitives. He is made of muslin fabric that has been coffee stained, sanded, and rubbed with cinnamon to give him an old and primitive look and feel. His facial features are entirely hand stitched, and his eyes are hand painted over the stitches. He wears a handmade pair of pants with hand sewn suspenders attached.

Primitive Folk Art Crow Doll

Primitive Folk Art Crow Doll

This primitive crow doll was handmade by Stephanie Baker of Old World Primitives using a Soft in the Head pattern. He is made with muslin painted with a mixture of black paint and coffee dye and then distressed with black boot polish and cinnamon. He has a wool scarf, rusty wire glasses, a felt hat, wire legs painted black, and cotton batting spats with black seed bead buttons.

cheap primitive decor

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