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Law Firm In Denver

law firm in denver

    law firm
  • a firm of lawyers

  • The Law Firm is an hour-long reality television series that premiered on NBC on July 28, 2005. In the series, twelve young up-and-coming trial lawyers competed for a grand prize of $250,000.

  • A law firm is a business entity formed by one or more lawyers to engage in the practice of law. The primary service provided by a law firm is to advise clients (individuals or corporations) about their legal rights and responsibilities, and to represent their clients in civil or criminal cases,

  • The Denver Dry Goods Company, also known as "The Denver", was established in Denver, Colorado in 1879 by Michael. J. McNamara and L.H. Flanders as M.J. McNamara & Company and later The McNamara Dry Goods Company .

  • the state capital and largest city of Colorado; located in central Colorado on the South Platte river

  • John (1943–97), US country and pop singer and songwriter and actor; born Henry John Deutschendorf. He celebrated the simple life and his love of Colorado in his songs such as “Take Me Home, Country Roads” (1971), “Rocky Mountain High” (1972), and “Sunshine on My Shoulders” (1974). He also acted in movies, most notably Oh, God! (1977)

  • Union Station is Denver, Colorado, USA's historic train station at 17th and Wynkoop in the LoDo district. The station first opened in 1881.

George L. Brown, Journalist, Writer, Banker, Lieutenant Governor of Colorado

George L. Brown, Journalist, Writer, Banker, Lieutenant Governor of Colorado

George Leslie Brown was born on July 1, 1926, in Lawrence, Kansas. Growing up on a farm in Kansas, Brown was a star athlete in basketball, football and track before graduating from Lawrence Liberty Memorial High School in 1944.

During World War II, he served as a Tuskegee Airman.

In 1974, in the middle of his fifth Senate term, he was elected Lieutenant Governor of Colorado.

Brown graduated from the University of Kansas in 1950 with a B.S. in journalism. He also did graduate work at Harvard Business School, the University of Colorado and the University of Denver. For fourteen years, he worked as a writer and editor for The Denver Post and hosted his own Denver radio talk show.

He was the first African American editor to work for a major daily newspaper in the Rocky Mountain region. Brown served as the assistant executive director for Denver's Public Housing Program for four years and taught at the University of Colorado and the University of Denver.

In 1955, Brown made history when he was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives. He served as a state senator for eighteen years, and was reelected to five consecutive four-year terms.

Then, in 1974, in the middle of his fifth Senate term, he was elected lieutenant governor, a position he held for four years. Brown and California's Mervyn Dymally became the first two Black lieutenant-governors since Reconstruction and outside of any southern state.

In 1979, Brown joined the Grumman Corporation as vice president for marketing and was later promoted to senior vice president in charge of the firm's regional offices, becoming the first African American corporate officer in a major U.S. aerospace company. He completed Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program in 1980 and worked as Grumman's chief lobbyist in Washington, D.C., until he left Grunman in 1990. That year, Brown joined the Washington, D.C. law firm of Whitten & Diamond. In March 1994, he was named director for Prudential Securities and managed its Washington public finance office. He was a banker for Greenwich Partners from 1997 to 2000.

Brown was active on various boards and served as a consultant and adviser for various organizations and companies. He received numerous awards and honors for his work.

Brown was married to Modeen. He has one son: Steven; and four daughters: Gail, Cindy, Kim and Laura.

Brown passed away on March 30, 2006.

Practice Round at Blank & Rome

Practice Round at Blank & Rome

Denver with the Waseda University team (Ami and Kaoru) at Blank and Rome Law Firm in Hong Kong. The Denver team practiced with Griffith University.

law firm in denver

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