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thomas landis attorney at law

The Hijra Factor

The Hijra Factor

I have been shooting Hijdas or the Indian transgender from 2005 ..
I have studied them from afar , I have watched them at Ajmer and at Haji Malang.
I discovered a home truth , the modern youth is disillusioned with the fairer sex, mind you I am not glorifying hijda sex, I am talking about the youth and his craving for hijra companionship.

The most beautiful guys, hunks, studs come to Haji Malang to connect with the Hijras , the hijras play to the galleries and are crazy about the attention they get.. at Haji Malang there is hijra love in the is infectious touches the core of a young guys attention..

I am not a psychiatrist , or a mind reader but as a poet I am sensitive to the hidden layers of hijra love.

I have seen guys going head over heels on hijras, this time I saw older men, rich , loaded lavishing huge amounts on the hijras , and it was no aberration, everything appeared normal..

Kids thronged behind the hijras, Haji Malang does not sleep, the hijras are stalked, a game continues between the hunter and the prey.

I dont know if having a hijra lover is a new thing but it seems to add adventure to romance.. androgynous overtures of a an unusual kind.

The hijra is incomplete as man and as woman, but she plays the role of a languishing woman, she plays it to the hilt.. and the sucker is taken in hook line and sinker ..I am not belittling the life of a hijra, I am showing you the law of survival at work..

The hijra hates old age period, an age of neglect no children to bind a failed marriage either the hijra craves for wealth, grabbing it before the wrinkles and the balding begins..botox is for the rich hijra ..

Hijras have more security today than a normal person, they have landed property , benami business and they support their brethren..

They have a cohesive arrangement with their kind, a system that puts the Sigma 6 Dabbawalas at lowest step of the terms of organizational skills ..and networking without internet wires.. they know where a hijra child is born and rush to claim him from the parents..

The Metrosexual hijda , the Alpha hijra has arrived ..

That is one of the reasons the Hijra seniors do not want to be assimilated into the main stream..they do not want photographers capturing their rituals on film, they want remain reclusive and away from prying eyes.

The Hijras are over sensitive they can read your intentions before even you bring them up in your mind..

I am not sexually enamored by hijras , but I like a learned hijra, Laxmi is learned intelligent witty, but she measures her words on a weighing scale ,,, the hijras fear her, she has gone a step ahead into a larger global arena..

No I see many closeted educated homosexuals fed up of the stigma , the disgrace forced marriages openly joining the ethnicity of the hijra..

The Hijra factor is no more an anomalous thought it is real, its overcoming change , staying close to its roots but also going a few steps forward.

Hijra means compliance to ancient laws , no rebellion, but respect for the guru, and I can boldly say it is only in hijra society , that the tenets of Guru Parampara have flourished with success..

The discipline , the morality ,the codification, all unwritten but followed with a binding..

You are either a Hijra or you are neither a man or woman..

Maybe I write this in haste but being a disciple of a Hijra Guru made me see the beauty in a life that people term with hijra ugliness ..
Ugliness is a vital part of universal society provided you can ,make it work for you.

Now I will give you an example with photographic proof, at Haji Malang women children thronged to have Laxmi Narayan Tripathis autograph, those that did not have paper took her autograph on their palms.. yes she is on par with Salman Khan for the poor man who is hooked to Indian reality shows.

This show of Salman made Heena Hijra into a super star of Peela House the Mumbai Cages.

Yes the Hijra has become a celebrity too, I know of Hijras if they were given the female lead in Bollywood even the hero would not know the difference..this I say with a challenge ..see my pictures you can decide for yourself..

I have shot hijras with the strength of my spiritual conviction ..without any bias..

I shot a human a tortured human soul in a captive human body - being a human myself..

Why Are People Against Hijras? Beats Me !

Why Are People Against Hijras? Beats Me !

Kamini Hijra, Khushi and their Guru Poonamji were guests of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi during the Haji Malang Urus , one of the finest lot of Hijdas I have ever met, courteous polite , humble educated and totally a cut above class.

Poonamji has lived among the Shias and told me a lot of tales of their Kolkatta.

So I do not see why people are biased against Hijras , this is their life they live it on their terms without being a burden on society, society is totally against them including the draconian law Article 377.

I respect the Hijras as a integral part of Indian society with their own ethnicity, culture and colorful history.

I know of Hijras who have adopted poor kids had them educated and got them married too, I know Hijras who pay for the old folks languishing in Old Age Homes driven out by their own kith and kin..

I show you the Hijras from absolutely close , as human beings and as devout believers of all religions.

They touch the bounty of Kwajah Gharib Nawaz , they touch the bounty of Haji Malang, with this spiritual attitude they touch me too..I dont get money for shooting these people , actually even the Hijras gang up against me for shooting them, but I do it as a service to society , to the Hijras and to my Hijra Guru Laxmi Narayan Tripathi..

What hurts me is the attitude of educated people , who have a dislike for Hijras that borders on a psychopathic hate , whether you are a Hindu Muslim or a Shia like me, who gives you a right to comment adversely about the Hijras on my photo stream , all your education is zilch.

Please read my profile before you read me through my pictures, and be human before you pass judgment on the hijras or me..

I wish there was Comment Moderation at Flickr so I would not have to block people , but than anyone can join Flickr without a proper profile , without a proper avatar, a bogus identity, , add me as their friend , and they could be any one child molesters . pedophiles, I am on their profile one sided , its quite crazy, its time Flickr management put their house in order before they try to be one up on Facebook.. head count is not everything ..

A blogger friendly attitude is more important than having billion members at Flickr ..

Picture of Kamini Hijda , the most polished Hijra I have ever met in all my life...that she has a body to match her brains , decorum and womanly charm, , her deportment is a plus and she would put a Bollywood nymphet to shame.
She is seductive but there is no human cure for that..

thomas landis attorney at law

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