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Hotel I Bremen

hotel i bremen

  • A state in northeastern Germany. Divided into two parts, which center on the city of Bremen and the port of Bremerhaven, it is surrounded by the state of Lower Saxony

  • The Bremen is a German Junkers W33 type aircraft that made the first successful transatlantic aeroplane flight from east to west between April 12 and April 14, 1928.

  • Bremen is a city in Haralson County and Carroll County, Georgia, United States. The population was 4,579 at the 2000 census.

  • a city of northwestern Germany linked by the Weser River to the port of Bremerhaven and the North Sea; in the Middle Ages it was a leading member of the Hanseatic League

  • Its capital, an industrial city linked by the Weser River to the port of Bremerhaven and the North Sea; pop. 537,600

  • An establishment providing accommodations, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists

  • A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. The provision of basic accommodation, in times past, consisting only of a room with a bed, a cupboard, a small table and a washstand has largely been replaced by rooms with modern facilities, including en-suite

  • A code word representing the letter H, used in radio communication

  • a building where travelers can pay for lodging and meals and other services

  • In French contexts an hotel particulier is an urban "private house" of a grand sort. Whereas an ordinary maison was built as part of a row, sharing party walls with the houses on either side and directly fronting on a street, an hotel particulier was often free-standing, and by the eighteenth

1968 SS Bremen Ocean Liner Approaching Port in NYC

1968 SS Bremen Ocean Liner Approaching Port in NYC

When I was six years old, my mom and I flew to NYC to pick up my grandparents who traveled all summer with their 1965 Chevy Chevelle Malibu throughout Germany. The exchange rate was 4:1 in their favor.

My mom and I spent a few days before the ship reached port exploring NYC (Chinatown, Central Park, Empire State Building, subway).

We stayed at the Skyline Motor Inn in the Hell's Kitchen area of NYC (49th to 50th Street on 10th Avenue). The hotel is still there!

Heilbronn from the Air

Heilbronn from the Air

I took this photo on a flight from Bremen to Stuttgart, on May 27, 1964. The original was a slide taken on a hazy day, so it is hard to see landmarks. The station is easy to make out. So is the Insel Hotel, on an island in the Neckar River. The Neckar canal is the straight part of the river, closest to the camera.

Badenerhof Kaserne is in the upper right, next to the large cloud. I was stationed there in 1960.

hotel i bremen

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