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Velbon camera tripods : What is a compact camera.

Velbon Camera Tripods

velbon camera tripods

    camera tripods
  • (camera tripod) a tripod used to support a camera

  • Velbon (Velbon Tripod Co., Ltd.) is a manufacturer of photographic accessories, specialising in tripods.

velbon camera tripods - Velbon VideoMate-607/F

Velbon VideoMate-607/F Heavy-Duty Tripod with Case

Velbon VideoMate-607/F Heavy-Duty Tripod with Case

The Velbon Videomate VM-607 64" Tripod with Fluid Panhead & Case has been designed and engineered for use with all full-size and compact camcorders. The fluid panhead with separate pan and tilt tension adjustment knobs features a control handle that can be set in any of 4 positions for maximum "follow the action" camcorder control.
Additional features include "camera-safe" side-mounting quick-release platform, geared center column, bubble level, radial braces for maximum stability, 3-section aluminum legs, and adjustable spiked rubber feet.

Engineered for use with full-size camcorders, the heavy-duty VideoMate-607 tripod features a deluxe, fluid two-way pan head with a versatile handle design, making it easy to adjust the camcorder to a variety of angles. The pan head and sure-grip control handle are a breeze to use, with four unique positions for maximum "follow the action" camcorder control and separate tension knobs for fluid pans and tilts. Users will also appreciate the tripod's auto-lock system and camera-safe, side-mount, quick- release platform, which includes a retractable camcorder alignment pin. And thanks to the tripod's radial leg braces, 1-inch tubular aluminum legs, steel ground spikes, and adjustable rubber tips, you can rest assured that the tripod will sit stably even on slippery or uneven surfaces. Other details include quick side-lever leg locks for easy height adjustments, an integrated bubble level, a titanium bronze and black finish, and a height range of 25 to 64.3 inches. The VideoMate-607, which measures 26.5 inches when folded, weighs 4.5 pounds and is backed by a five-year warranty.
What's in the Box
Video tripod, pan head, quick-release plate, carrying case.

81% (18)

Favorites 2: Velbon TGK-3 Tripod

Favorites 2: Velbon TGK-3 Tripod

Hans mentioned his Velbon tripod the other day and it got me thinking...

My old lightweight Velbon is easily my favorite tripod. It's light enough to come along and set up quickly, yet just sturdy enough to stay put.

I've used both lighter tripods (too flimsy) and heavier tripods (get left at home).

This old fella has to be my favorite.

Broken Tripod

Broken Tripod

Here's what happened to my cheap ass Velbon CX-460 tripod. I've been using it in ~-18°C (shouldn't have done that probably), when the plastic suddenly cracked somehow and the middle thingy lossend up. Now it's like this all the time, but still usable though.

velbon camera tripods

velbon camera tripods

Ravelli APLT4 61 Inch Light Weight Aluminum Tripod With Bag and Free Mini Wire Leg Tripod

The Ravelli APLT4 Lightweight tripod is great for photographers that are looking for a lightweight and versatile 61" Tripod . This tripod is very in expensive, but full of feature. With the ability to position your camera from a normal landscape orientation, to a portrait orientation you are shure to be able to capture the photo you want. This tripod also comes with a handle, carrying bag, 2 bubble levels one in the leg and one on the camera plate. This also has a quick release plate for your camera for easy set up and take down. The Center is gear driven to extend up an extra 11". This tripod is made from aluminum and a dense plastic. The legs and center channel are made from aluminum and the head and section intersects are plastic.

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