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How to make cake flowers : Artificial stem flowers : Pictures of bouquets of flowers.

How To Make Cake Flowers

how to make cake flowers

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Bridal shower cake flowers

Bridal shower cake flowers

Flower close up. Made this for a young ladys bridal shower. They were very flexible on design so I decided to tie in her wedding flowers which are sunflowers, yellow and red calla lillys and red roses. The cakes were a vanilla cake with a lemon curd and fresh rasberry filling and were covered in MMF. The flowers were made from gumpaste. This is only me second experience with gumpaste flowers so I am pretty proud of how they turned out. I will say it was definitely a learning experience though and feel I could improve with more practice. They are fun to make but so time consuming and delicate.

flowers and swirls

flowers and swirls

6 inch chocolate cake layered with irish cream buttercream. Marbelled fondant with handpainted detail. This is a last minute cake for my sister - its her birthday today. i kind of knew it was happening but kind of forgot ...if that makes sense - so looking at the calendar yesterday it was YIKES!!! Funnily enough when i sat down to do this it was NOT at all what i was planning to do. Funny how that happens.

how to make cake flowers

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