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Lafayette Florist Co

lafayette florist co

  • An industrial and commercial city in northwestern Indiana; pop. 56,397

  • a university town in west central Indiana on the Wabash River

  • French soldier who served under George Washington in the American Revolution (1757-1834)

  • a town in south central Louisiana; settled by Acadians

  • A city in southern Louisiana, an oil industry center in Cajun country; pop. 110,257

  • a shop where flowers and ornamental plants are sold

  • (floral) resembling or made of or sestive of flowers; "an unusual floral design"

  • someone who grows and deals in flowers; "the florist made up an attractive bouquet"

  • A person who sells and arranges plants and cut flowers

lafayette florist co - Ginkgo Lafayette

Ginkgo Lafayette 45-Piece Flatware Set, Service for 8

Ginkgo Lafayette 45-Piece Flatware Set, Service for 8

With it's hammered finish and clean deisgn, the Lafayette 45-piece place setting from Ginkgo is ready for every day use. From kids to your most distinguished guests, the Lafeyette collection is sure to please. The 45-piece place setting includes eight each of the following: salad fork, dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner spoon and teaspoon as well as a 5-piece hostess set. A perfect gift for the bride-to-be or new homeowner. All pieces are made from 18/0 stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. Made for your life.

Lafayette is one of Ginkgo's top-selling flatware patterns, and with good reason. While the pieces are elegant enough for a formal occasion, the hammered finish on the handles provides a casual, almost handmade appeal. The handles taper from a slender neck to a rounded tab end which lifts up off the table. The spoon bowls are squared off for a contemporary look, the forks feature extra-long tines, and the knife is constructed of one solid piece.
This 45-piece set includes eight place settings, each consisting of a 9-1/2-inch dinner knife, 8-inch dinner fork, 7-inch salad fork, 7-1/2-inch soup spoon, and 6-3/8-inch teaspoon. Accessorizing the settings to complete a well-coordinated table is a five-piece hostess set, comprised of a 9-inch serving spoon, 9-inch pierced spoon, 8-1/4-inch cold meat fork, 7-inch pointed butter knife, and 7-inch sauce or gravy ladle. Brightly polished, Lafayette is made of moderately priced 18/10 stainless steel and is dishwasher-safe, making it ideal for everyday use. A family-owned business since 1977, Ginkgo International is dedicated to quality design and value when it comes to flatware for the home. --Ann Bieri
What's in the Box
8 place settings, 5 serving pieces. Each place setting consists of: 9-1/2-inch dinner knife; 8-inch dinner fork; 7-inch salad fork; 7-1/2-inch soup spoon; 6-3/8-inch teaspoon. Service set consists of: 9-inch serving spoon; 9-inch pierced spoon; 8-1/4-inch cold meat fork; 7-inch butter knife; 7-inch ladle. 45 pieces total.

75% (18)

Lafayette County Courthouse, Lexington, MO

Lafayette County Courthouse, Lexington, MO

Organized November 16, 1820, the first Lafayette County courthouse was built in 1825; it was replaced in 1832, and that building was replaced by the current courthouse in 1847.
The cupola was part of the original construction, but the clock was installed in 1886.
The cannonball still embedded in the top of the leftmost column may have come from a Yankee cannon as the Confederate headquarters were near the courthouse during the Civil War's Battle of Lexington, or as the local's call it, The Battle of the Hemp Bales. There is a live re-enactment of this battle every three years.
Even though the Union forces surrendered, the victory did not lead to Missouri seceding from the Union as the Confederacy had hoped.

lafayette 023

lafayette  023

Lafayette,La 2 days after super bowl was freezzing photo taked out motel room

lafayette florist co

lafayette florist co

Lafayette and the American Revolution (Russell Freedman's Library of American History)

When the Marquis de Lafayette ran off to join the American Revolution against the explicit orders of the king of France, he was a strong-willed nineteen-year-old who had never set foot on a battlefield. Although the U.S. Congress granted him an honorary commission only out of respect for his title and wealth, Lafayette quickly earned the respect of his fellow officers with his bravery, devotion to the cause of liberty, and incredible drive.

Playing a pivotal role in the Revolution, Lafayette convinced the French government to send troops, made crucial pacts with Native Americans, and lead his men to victory at Yorktown. This thrilling account of a daring soldier will fascinate young historians. Source notes, bibliography, time line, index.

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