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Oral health care and dentistry in dogs and cats at

Oral health care and dentistry in dogs and cats at

PPM is based on neuromuscular dentistry and has been shown to increase athletes# strength, flexibility and balance. The CE event provided opportunity to master techniques in placement of electrodes for TENSing; taking proper ...

You can also find codes for past and future major dental meeting courses on the AGD Web site by selecting “Submit CE” in the “Education” section. New forms will be posted prior to future meetings. Contact the AGD Membership Services ...

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This August, the Michigan Board of Dentistry approved the Coalition’s application to become a Continuing Education Sponsor. The Coalition looks forward to bringing members a variety of education and involvement opportunities in the ...

“I had no idea what opportunities would be available to me through my participation in organized dentistry,” Cook said. “By getting involved with the MDA#s CE committee, I was able to network with dentists that I#ve looked up to for ...

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