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Toys For A 1 Year Old : Science Toys Kids : Wonder Pets Toys.

Toys For A 1 Year Old

toys for a 1 year old

Thanks for the memories, D70

Thanks for the memories, D70

My Dad Robert Huang bought this D70 many years ago while he was interested in setting up website & taking pictures. I have no idea when he started those. At that time I was quite busy in business. Still not had a hobby for photography.

After my Dad's sudden pass away in 2006, this camera was put in our warehouse for probably a whole year. At that time I merely remembered that my Dad owned a DSLR which was a bit expensive.

In 2007, one day I happened to think up that I should take up this camera, try to use it to image the feeling that my dad had while he was picturing. Therefore I took it out of the box, also found several different lenses together. At that time I did be impressed that my Dad really invested a lot of emotion(money also) on these equipments.

At first I was not practiced at using a SLR. Didn't know what the shutter speed, aperture, ISO were. I took very low & common pictures. The practicing process indeed was always with fun, actually until now I still feel what an amateur I am. With getting more practiced with D70, I had started to get different amazing feeling after I push every shutter.

I truly hoped I can touch the feeling when my Dad was using D70. Eventually I think I start to have the same feeling. Probably this is a way to get in touch with my Dad's image. Well, I am not sure.

D70 had a defective design on its memory card reader. It got declined then broken as time went by. Sometimes D70 could not detect the CF card; sometimes even destroyed the pictures I took. That was a bit dangerous causing my heartache. XD

This reader function got totally failed last year. I spent some money to get it repaired. After another 1 year until last weekend, this function totally failed again, could not detect the CF card anymore. It was really old. I decided not to repair it again. I let it retire, I keep it properly in my room.

I am truly impressed and appreciate what D70 had given me since these years. I keep my dad's image as part of me inside my heart with using D70.

Thanks for every moment, D70. I will move on.

Old Lightbulb Fading

Old Lightbulb Fading

My dad has this old shed where he keeps his bicycles and gardening stuff.
The shed is lit by a very old glowing lightbulb.
I was in the shed fetching a toy for my 4 year old son and when leaving the shed
I turned off the light. What struck me was the slow fading of the lightbulb.
The fading moment was very quick but I could still see it with my own eyes…
Hmm, I wonder…..Hmmm
Went in and fetched my camera and set it to 1/1000 of a sec and started firing of shots.
I got 3 shots and after looking at them I could see the lightbulb fade away.
In my eyes this is movement caught on “film”.

Twitter Photo Challenge #TwPhCh
Week #6
Upload #1
- Bevegelse (nor)
- Motion ( eng)

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toys for a 1 year old

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