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Weird Toys For Adults : Popular Christmas Toys 2011

Weird Toys For Adults

weird toys for adults

A Ferrari 512 TR on Sainte Catherine's in Montreal.

A Ferrari 512 TR on Sainte Catherine's in Montreal.

Just passing the Promenades de la Cathedrale shopping centre and Union. :P

Nah, just yet another backdrop photo.

This is a 1:39 scale Ferrari 512 TR (the early 1990s variation of the Testarossa with a front borrowing elements from the F-348), made by Maisto, that I bought the other day from Zellers. The weird thing about this is that it was an "Assembly Line" kit, found in the section with the model kits rather than the pre-assembled model cars. Basically, the parts are pre-painted and pre-labeled, you just snap the individual pieces in place and then screw the top of the car to the chassis with the enclosed Phillips screwdriver... if you're an adult, it takes about 5 minutes, tops. It hardly deserves to even be called a "kit".

What I suspect the deal about calling this a "kit" is that Maisto wanted its own line of medium-scale (around 1:43) Ferrari toy cars, but, either the official Ferrari license for that scale was too expensive, or other companies, like BBR Models and Ixo/Hot Wheels, had the Ferrari medium-scale toy car license already for the various parts of the word. But, if they acquire the license to sell it as a "kit", it's either more affordable for Maisto than the pre-assembled Ferrari toy car license or they don't have the competing license issues with other toy/model companies, so they sell it as a "kit" even though it's already 95% complete and the purchaser only has to perform a couple of token screw turns. That's just idle speculation... I really have no idea.

It's not nearly as detailed as the 1:43 scale Ixo/Hot Wheels models, but it looks pretty decent, at least on the exterior, and I only paid about $6 Canadian for it, so I ain't complaining. Plus, unlike the Ixo/Hot Wheels versions, it has a pull-back wind-up motor, so I can annoy my dogs with it.

Trivia fact: In the Sailor Moon anime, the villain Nephryte a.k.a. Masato Sanjouin/Maxfield Stanton drives a Ferrari that is obviously meant to be a F-512 TR, though the design is inconsistent from episode to episode.

[120/365] DRAWING: Shopping Dreams (before super detailness)

[120/365] DRAWING: Shopping Dreams (before super detailness)

theme song:
welcome - Etienne Crecy
drawing info:
got inspired by a shot i saw of a city...somewhere...on earth...

it looked so epic! one day i will go to somewhere like day...NUUUUUUU! the funny thing is...i probably didnt/already went there as well the future already happened in the future wait...I SHOULD STOP CONFUSING MYSELF

lol spot the Totoro

more detail WILL be added to this...actually...i'm already starting to add detail! there's a cafe here! *points to the drawing*

- was looking at my flickr stats...apparently heaps of people from an unkown source like my polyvore collage 'mixed messages'...odd...i like that set too xD
- i HATE the homework i have for math now! ITS SO EASY AND BORING! yeah i know i'll probably fail (not flail) the exam for it...BUT IT IS JUST SO SIMPLE AND BORING!
- wore leg warmers today ::D
- OHKAY! weightloss plan! GET MY SISTER TO EAT ALL THE JUNK FOOD FOR ME :D... so then i'd end up drinking water and getting a smaller appetite :d
- i feel like going to the park and taking pics of the grass and a toy and the sky coz it's...OH LOOK! IT'S CLOUDY >:D YAY!
- anyone got any good games on the net? no i do NOT mean COD or anything with super adult material -_-
- i wanna watch South Park now :D
- i can't believe i spent 1hr reading the 5 complete chapters of the webcomic Marry Me on the ipod app for it ><...SHUT UP! IT'S A GOOD STORY! plusss it has pictures :D
- nts; Merlin is on tonight
- went shopping and bought:
+a movie pack of atonement and pride and prejudice
+ exorcist (the beginning) [DVD]
+ 2 necklaces (a golden key and a set of 3 small chairs)
+ mounting tape
+ a knife...a DESIGN KNIFE!
+ a set of 10 colourful pens (for when i draw, of course)
+ a strawberry chuppa chup
prediction for next week:
stupid sunny skies
bad week for me
good week for the rest of yous

hope prediction is right...for you :)

weird toys for adults

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