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What Are The Hot Toys For Christmas 2011 - Big Boys Toys Hobbies - Corgi Toys Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

What Are The Hot Toys For Christmas 2011

what are the hot toys for christmas 2011

what are the hot toys for christmas 2011 - Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova Penbo Interactive Waddling Penguin with Bebe

Bossa Nova Penbo Interactive Waddling Penguin with Bebe

Penbo is a special friend that will listen to you and respond. Every Penbo has a Bebe inside that is a surprise color and has a special voice. When you use Bebe to play with Penbo she will react with new dances and sounds! If you have a friend with a Penbo, your Penbos will talk to each other or start dancing!

Features include:

•Every Penbo egg has a surprise Bebe inside
•Press Penbo's heart to hatch an egg.
•When you push Bebe’s buttons, Penbo will respond to different combinations with new sounds and movements!
•Penbo likes to sing and dance!

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Ipanema - Ipanema beach - Ipanema Sunset

Ipanema - Ipanema beach - Ipanema Sunset

Ipanema is a neighborhood located on the southern region of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, between Leblon and Arpoador. The beach at Ipanema became widely known by the song "The Girl from Ipanema" ("Garota de Ipanema"), written by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes.
It is famously known for its elegance and social qualities. Two mountains called the "Dois Irmaos" (Two Brothers) rise at the western end of the beach. The beach is divided into segments by marks known as "postos" (lifeguard towers). Beer is sold everywhere on the beach along with the traditional cachaca. There are always circles of people playing football, volleyball, and footvolley, a combination sport of volleyball and football originated in Brazil.

In the winter the surf can reach 9 feet. The water quality varies with days of light-blue water to a more murky green after heavy rains. Constant swells keep the water clean. The often treacherous beach break regularly forms barrels.

One interesting thing about Ipanema's beach is that there is an area called "the gay beach," situated near Rua Farme de Amoedo; which is well-known for being a gay-friendly area, with the rainbow flag flying in the air.

Just west of this colorful section and towards Leblon is another popular stretch of sand known as Posto Nove (aptly named after the 9th lifeguard tower) where young and often beautiful carioca men and women hipsters congregate.

The Travel Channel listed Ipanema Beach as the sexiest beach in the world.

Ipanema e um bairro da cidade brasileira do Rio de Janeiro, fundado, em 1894, por Jose Antonio Moreira, conde de Ipanema. Um dos bairros mais nobres da cidade, localiza-se na zona sul da cidade e possui um belo litoral. Faz divisa com os bairros de Copacabana, Leblon e Lagoa.

O nome Ipanema significa "agua ruim, rio sem peixes" em tupi-guarani.

* A Rua 20 foi a primeira rua do bairro, atualmente chamada Visconde de Piraja.

O desenvolvimento da Zona Sul foi forcado pela chegada da corte portuguesa no seculo XIX, quando a populacao da cidade (capital na ocasiao) passou de sessenta mil para quinhentos mil habitantes. A corte preferiu seguir rumo norte, em direcao a Floresta da Tijuca, enquanto o corpo diplomatico e os ingleses preferiram a Zona Sul, onde so havia vilas de pescadores.
fonte : Wikipedia

it is what it is

it is what it is

I'm packing my stuff
crying 'cause he's gone
I'm not gonna see any of you there
I'm gonna go so far
I have to be faster
maybe I'll get there before the pain
won't leave anything
won't take anything
only a story to tell one day

It can't be too hard
I keep telling myself
while the ground's missing
what's coming after?

I was afraid of too many things
but dying to prove I was strong enough
to make my own way
to make it myself
to keep my head up
be the one who helps
but it's got me crying
it's got me crawling
I'm so grateful 'cause it's got me knowing
it beats with my heart
the love that we made
shines through my eyes
it's out of the maze

Summer gone
air getting colder
I wished that I was one of those leaves
carried by wind naturally dying
never drank water
never touched fire
but it got me thinking
it got me going
can't be a leaf because I am woman ... I am human

It is what it is
I just need to see you
'n hold you
'n cry with you
'n be with you

what are the hot toys for christmas 2011

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