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World Of Knitted Toys - Science Toys To Make - Best Toys 2011 Boys

World Of Knitted Toys

world of knitted toys

world of knitted toys - World of

World of Knitted Toys

World of Knitted Toys

Knitted in two sizes 'clutch', perfect for a child's hand to hold, and 'cuddle', big enough to be hed these cheerful, cuddly animals are just waiting to become someone's best friend. Each of the seven chapters takes you to a different part of the world. Choose from a colourful parrot, a friendly dolphin or a prowling tiger in the jungle, or stay closer to home with a cat, ducks and chickens from the farmland scene. As well as the animals, you can make the people who live with them from an Australian sheep farmer to a Canadian mountie. Each knitted person comes with a collection of clothes and accessories to provide hours of make believe play for your child. Beautifully illustrated in colour photography, every design is easy to knit. With plenty of helpful guidance, easy-to-read patterns and advice on creating just the right expression on each face, even newcomers to this popular and rewarding craft will find it simple to produce a toy that is sure to become a firm favourite.

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A knitted toy shark from "Kath Dalmeny's World of Knitted Toys."
I used a Emu dk wook for the body and scraps of black floss, white felt, and a couple of black buttons for the eyes.

I call him "Kenny." Yes, after the shark in the cartoon.

The Dolphin

The Dolphin

This is another baby gift I made for a friend who loves dolphins. I could only find one dolphin pattern, and it was in the book ?World of Knitted Toys? by Kath Dalmeny.

world of knitted toys

world of knitted toys

Kath Dalmeny's World of Knitted Toys

Containing easy-to-knit patterns for a number of different toy animals and people, each chapter of this book takes the reader to a different world. Suitable for the beginner, it contains instructions and illustrations.

From the jungle to the outback, the farm to the forest, the tundra to the deep blue sea, here are dozens of adorable creatures (plus some little people) to knit for your own little ones. And you needn't be an expert knitter; each pattern is rated easy, straightforward, or challenging, so you can pick the ones that fit your skill level. Some knitted toy designs wind up looking like alien experiments gone wrong, but these critters are completely cute without being cutesy. In addition to the charming but expected (a piglet, elephant, monkey, cat, chicken, panda, bear, and the like) there are plenty of delightful surprises (a platypus, warthog, zebra, rhinoceros--even a wombat). --Amy Handy

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