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Hotel Industry Jobs

hotel industry jobs

    hotel industry
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Oregon wine industry grows to $2.7 billion

Oregon wine industry grows to $2.7 billion

An economic study released today shows that the Oregon wine industry’s contribution to the state reached $2.7 billion last year, double its impact in 2005.

By increasing tourism, selling grapes and wine, and employing more Oregonians, the wine industry is becoming one of the state’s leading agricultural industries. Bottom line: Wine is green and it is growing.

“We were expecting to show growth,” says Kara Olmo, who serves on the Oregon Wine Board and is co-owner of Wooldridge Creek Winery in the Applegate Valley. “We watch the trending and really look at what is going on. But even with that, we were extremely surprised, impressed and excited about the tremendous growth and the way we achieved it looks like it’s the beginning of more growth to come.”

As far as the immediate positive impact of the results, “it makes us feel good and gives us a sense of security,” she says.

The study shows that there were 13,518 wine?related jobs in Oregon in 2010. Wages amounted to $382 million.

Oregon’s 419 wineries produced 1.7 million cases of wine worth $252 million. Half of the wine was sold out of state.

The state’s 849 vineyard owners experienced a bonanza too. Oregon’s grape production was up 38%, compared to California’s increase of 17% and Washington’s 21%.

Unlike other agricultural products, more of the revenue from wine stays in Oregon, according to the report. Grapes are crushed and wine is produced here. The wine is then packaged, marketed and sold here to rs, foreign importers and tourists.

Consumers also benefit. When Olmo first saw the results of the study, she flashbacked to the many long discussions she has had with other people in the wine industry about extending beyond selling wine to offering authentic experiences:

“We are working together so people who come to visit the area can experience what Oregon means,” says Olmo. “When people take the time to visit us, they get to see beyond the tasting room. The owners are there. The winemakers are busy. The vineyard people are coming in for lunch. Visitors get to experience the real business. For guests, it’s an exciting look.”

Here’s the complete report from the Oregon Wine Board:

Impact of Oregon Wine Industry on State’s Economy Nearly Doubles since 2005

PORTLAND – July 14, 2011 – The Oregon wine industry is emerging as one of the state’s most strategic agricultural industries based on its rapid growth and key contributions to Oregon tourism, according to a new study released today by the Oregon Wine Board. The study shows that the economic impact of Oregon’s wine industry nearly doubled to $2.7 billion since the last study in 2005.

The study, conducted by Full Glass Research, a Berkeley, Calif.-based market and industry research firm specializing in wine and food, was commissioned by the Oregon Wine Board, a semi-independent state agency managing industry marketing, research and education.

Since the last study was conducted in 2005, wine’s contribution to the state’s economy has grown by 93% during a time when the Oregon wine industry weathered the worst consumer recession in its history.

“This study reflects the amazing performance by what is rapidly becoming the state’s leading agricultural industry,” said Sam Tannahill, chairman of the Oregon Wine Board. “Oregon wine is really on a roll and we are poised to continue the kind of growth we have enjoyed recently as demand for our wines expands both nationally and internationally.”

Outlook for continue growth remains positive

The outlook for continued growth of the Oregon wine industry appears to be quite position as familiarity with Oregon’s high quality, artisan style of wines has increased among savvy wine consumers. Among core wine consumers, preference for Oregon wines climbed from 19% to 23% over the past five years.

Among those who had purchased Oregon wines in the past three months, agreement that the wines were unique increased from 48% to 65%. Those who considered Oregon wines of superior quality compared to other wines increased from 42% to 59% between 2005 and 2009.

“We have made some amazing strides during the last five years,” said Tannahill. “Oregon could not be in a better position to capitalize on the growing interest in the kinds of artisan quality wines that are being produced by our wineries. This report demonstrates why it’s a very exciting time for Oregon wine.”

The report contained a bevy of good news for Oregon’s 419 wineries and 849 vineyard owners who produce wine from grapes grown in the four primary regions of the state – the Willamette Valley, Southern Oregon, the Columbia Gorge and Walla Walla.

In 2010, wine-related jobs in Oregon totaled 13,518 and related wages were $382 million. Oregon’s wineries produced 1.7 million cases of wine worth $252 million in 2010 with about half of that being sold to customers outside of the state.

Oregon wine seen as “significant destination driver”

The Oregon wine industry makes a unique and valuable contribut

Abhi Institute of hotel management students in cwg 2010

Abhi Institute of hotel management students in cwg 2010

Our Course Eligibility
B.Sc. Degree in Hotel Management
Bachelor in Business Administration
One year Diploma in Hotel Management and Caterring Science
One year Diploma in Caterring Science
Diploma in Food and beverage production
10 Pass
Diploma in food and beverage service

Placement Cell
Industrial Training in India and Abroad

AIHM gives students the necessary tools to create a career. Industrial training is the venue with which a student can explore their skills before setting out into the highly competitive labour market. Students will complete their industrial training in a venue compatible with the program enrolled in.


For the future of students, placement cells play a very important role. We don’t know how far we are successful in this particular aspect. But here in AIHM, Delhi our students because of their own hard work, strong determination and sincere efforts have been placed in different 5 star hotels, Resorts clubs , Restaurants across the country. We, the team AIHM Delhi, just have been with them in all their needs and requirement of being guided and have tried our level best to give them the best knowledge and show them way accordingly.
Last year we have achieved 100% placement from our campus.
We are thankful to Taj, Marriott, Claridges, Oberoi, Sayaji International, Bar-be-Que Nation, Royal Orchid, West End Mumbai, Broadways Delhi, Gianz, Helpline Hospitality, Park Inn and many others of high repute for keeping trust on us.
The Desk Of Director :

All the studies and surveys made all over world show a huge gap between supply and demand of trained manpower all over the world in Hospitality Industry. There are many reasons behind it which may be focused somewhere else, but the point convinced us to step into the field for educating the youth as per the need of the industry and providing the young generation with right career option

We, a group, closely associated with hospitality Industry decided to devote our time and share our experience for drawing the attention of the youth to this career option and to provide the industry well groomed, skilled manpower.

Hospitality is the field where one will get ample opportunity of enjoying the life, beside satisfying the need of guests (which is really a tough job, and obviously not cup of tea for every one) with a smile on leap, only if he or she is well trained and mentally prepared to face the hassels of the job. ... And in three Years of Bsc degree, beside giving the students technical knowledge, we show them those corners of their profession and holding their hands tight, we make them mentally prepared, so that, tomorrow in industry, their attitude may make the tough situation easy and they dont run away.

Our Hotel Management courses and various activities aim to develop technical and managerial skills among our students and grow love and attraction for the profession.

Our highly qualified faculty pool share their knowledge with students, not for the sake of profession only, but they share their rich experiences with them to keep them uptodate about the facts and figures and present scenario of the industry.

We believe our success lies in the success of our students. We wish a height of sucess for them from where they can set examples for others.

For social cause, we offer Diploma (UGC recognised) to one reallly financially backward student in each batch. We really mean it when we utter “ Our Students Glitter .... and so we boast

hotel industry jobs

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