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Inn at otter crest specials. Treff hotel alpina garmisch.

Inn At Otter Crest Specials

inn at otter crest specials

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Otter&Heron @CircleB - IMG 6290 (2)

Otter&Heron @CircleB - IMG 6290 (2)

Night Shot: Otter & Heron @Dinner time
Circle B Bar Reserve
Lakeland, Florida

Brandohl Photography
© All Rights Reserved

***The sun had already set, so not much light & not the best quality photo, but I took a seat on the trail watching this scene for about 30 minutes...that's the darkest it has ever been while I was there...when I got back to my vehicle, the park ranger was waiting to close the gate as we exited.***

Otter and Kingfisher - Seaton Marshes Nature Reserve

Otter and Kingfisher - Seaton Marshes Nature Reserve

Managed to grab a couple of hours down at the hide on a cold but sunny afternoon. No sooner got to the hide when an Otter (my first in the wild) swam along the ditch and flushed up a Kingfisher. Too busy watching through the binoculars to get the camera out in time... (taken through the hide window)

inn at otter crest specials

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