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Repair blind cords : Rebuildable repairable cars.

Repair Blind Cords

repair blind cords

  • Make good (such damage) by fixing or repairing it

  • restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken; "She repaired her TV set"; "Repair my shoes please"

  • Fix or mend (a thing suffering from damage or a fault)

  • Put right (a damaged relationship or unwelcome situation)

  • a formal way of referring to the condition of something; "the building was in good repair"

  • the act of putting something in working order again

  • Confuse or overawe someone with something difficult to understand

  • Cause (someone) to be unable to see, permanently or temporarily

  • Deprive (someone) of understanding, judgment, or perception

  • render unable to see

  • people who have severe visual impairments, considered as a group; "he spent hours reading to the blind"

  • unable to see; "a person is blind to the extent that he must devise alternative techniques to do efficiently those things he would do with sight if he had normal vision"--Kenneth Jernigan

  • cotton trousers made of corduroy cloth

  • (cord) stack in cords; "cord firewood"

  • Attach a cord to

  • (cord) a line made of twisted fibers or threads; "the bundle was tied with a cord"

001/365: From scratch...

001/365: From scratch...

My life has been a little...chaotic the past few weeks.

My living situation was/is not entirely great, to say the least. We were strling to pay bills after an error on my part. Our dog, Oscar, basically went blind in the course of two weeks. The tires on our car are almost completely bald and one has a nail in it (which we have to refill with air every single day and we can't repair it until Saturday after we save more money). Then last week, after a lovely day of fighting and crying, my cat ate the modem cord.

To top that though, life decided to make things even worse by making Cord Feast '09 happen on a Friday night. We called the company to get a replacement cord on Saturday, and they said they could send me a new cord, which wouldn't even get there until Tuesday, or we could go to the local store Monday and have them replace it. We opted for local, and low and behold, our ONLY Clearwire shop in town, was CLOSED ALL WEEK/UNTIL WEDNESDAY for repairs. So we waited until Thursday...and we boogied down there, and then the guy tells us he only replaces the cords when someone turns in their old modem, which no one had, and he would not trade the entire unit out. Back to the phone, where this guy was very nice and understanding, and overnighted a cord to us. (Even though he said it'd be there by 12PM the next day and it didn't arrive until after 5PM but I digress...)

::WHEW:: So basically, I am burnt out in every way, shape, form and function - but I REALLY want to do this 365 project. So I decided to start from scratch. Get it?? Ha! Baking always clears my head.



This is Hershey, so there will always be a good many Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg cars. Pieces of a car looking for deep pockets to make it whole again.

repair blind cords

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