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Bargain toys uk - Homemade stuffed toys.

Bargain Toys Uk

bargain toys uk

New toy: Nikon F4S with DP-20 and DW-21 finders

New toy: Nikon F4S with DP-20 and DW-21 finders

As my old F3 is stuck in storage in the UK and I wanted to get back to shooting some film, I went out today and treated myself to an early birthday present; F4S with the DP-20 and DW-21 viewfinders.

This beast came out in 1988 and my body is a 1989, but with the newer DP-20 prism finder [with the improved metering selection switch]. The body is in mint condition, as are both the finders. 1988 was the year I started film-school in the UK and I lusted after this camera plenty but it was very expensive when it first came out and off limits to me.

The DW-21 is a 100%, 6x magnification viewfinder that allows me to do my low-level shots..... boy, how I wish the D3 and D700 had removeable and interchangeable viewfinders.

Gonna be getting a D700 or something FX later this year, undoubtably by Xmas. Just cant afford it yet.

The 85mm AF D works great on the F4 as does any Nikon lens made since 1959; even the old F-mount, Pre-AI lenses.

AF is as fast as the D200 as well. Awesome.

Traded in an old OM-2n body and a couple of basic lenses to take the edge off of purchasing the F4. In the end it cost me an extra 15,000Yen for what you see above. Bargain.

New toy

New toy

I've discovered that I've been using a laptop more and more now that I have a baby to look after. Despite the fact I'm surrounded here at home by a 1.7GHz AMD box, a 1GHz P3 box, a 1GHz Nehemiah Mini-ITX box, a 733MHz Via C3 Linux server, an 800MHz VIA C3 friggin Linux alarm clock (still not finished) and a G4 Macintosh I've been strling by with a 400MHz PII laptop, purely because it's easy to do stuff and keep the boy on my other arm.

Times have changed, not least because I got a pay rise today, so I've upgraded. I now have a very nice Toshiba Satellite Pro M50. It's a Celeron M running at 1.4GHz, has a halfway usable graphics chipset from ATi, dual layer DVD burner (all formats, including DVD-RAM), built-in wifi and Gigabit ethernet and a gorgeous widescreen display.

More memory would be nice (it's only 256Mb, and 64Mb is leeched by the graphics) but otherwise - bloody great. A bargain at about ?415, and it looks far more expensive.

And hey - it's got a UK keyboard layout. At last!

bargain toys uk

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