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Grand Pacific Hotel : Deetjen Big Sur Inn.

Grand Pacific Hotel

grand pacific hotel

    grand pacific hotel
  • The Grand Pacific Hotel (1873–1895) was one of the first two prominent hotels built in Chicago, Illinois after the Great Chicago Fire.Host, William R. and Brooke Ahne Portmann, "Early Chicago Hotels," Arcadia Publishing, 2006, p. 12., ISBN 0-7385-4041-2. The hotel, designed by William W.

  • The Grand Pacific Hotel is located on the main sea front, on Victoria Parade in Suva. It was built by The Union Steamship Company in 1914 to serve the needs of passengers on its transpacific routes.

Standard Time System historic marker

Standard Time System historic marker

Text reads something like:

Chicago's famous Grand Pacific Hotel, then on the site of the present Continentnal Bank Building, was the location of the General Time Convention of 1883 which, on October 11 of that year, adopted the current Standard Time System in the United States.

The Conventions was called by the nation's railroads. Delegates were asked to develop a better and more uniform time system to govern railroad operations.

Previously, time had been determined by the position of the sun, with high noon as the only existing standard of local time. More than 100 different local times resulted from this method.

The new plan, proposed by William F Allen, Convention Secretary, established four equal time zones across the country, each one hour ahead of the zone to it's west. All railroad clocks in each zone were to be synchronized to strike the hour simultaneously.

The Standard Time System was inaugurated on November 18, 1883. ON that Sunday, known as the ""Day of Two Noons," the Allegheny Observatory at the University of Pittsburgh transmitted a telegraph signal when it was exactly noon on the 90th meridian. Railroad clocks throughout the United States were then reset on the hour according to time zone.

Although implemented by the railroads, the Federal Government, states and cities began to use the system almost immediately. On March 19, 1918, Congress formally acknowledged the plan by passing the Standard Time Act.

Grand Pacific Hotel

Grand Pacific Hotel

This was written up in the ship paper as a very elegant victorian hotel. There was nothing in it and it looked like it was about to fall down. Queen Elizabeth has stayed here but it probably was a very long time ago.

grand pacific hotel

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