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Shanghai hotel sauna - Boutique hotel londres

Shanghai Hotel Sauna

shanghai hotel sauna

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  • Shanghai (; Shanghainese: Zanhae ; ) is the most populous city in China and one of the most populous cities in the world. A global city, Shanghai exerts influence over global commerce, finance, culture, art, fashion, research and entertainment.

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Shanghai - Pudong I

Shanghai - Pudong I

From Hong Kong to Shanghai. Thanks for coming along with me - I had to follow up with another night shot. With the poor air quality, it is sometimes difficult to shoot during the day. At night, the city lights up and becomes this whole different beast.

What you see before you is the Pudong district of Shanghai. It displays a wide range of skyscrapers, many of which rank among the tallest in the world. The most prominent examples include the Jin Mao Tower and the taller Shanghai World Financial Center, which at 492 meters tall is the tallest skyscraper in mainland China and ranks third in the world. In 2008, they broke ground on the Shanghai Tower, set to be completed in 2014 and slated to be China's tallest building at 632 meters, and the second tallest in the world, surpassed only by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai! The distinctive Oriental Pearl Tower, at 468 meters, is located nearby. Another high rise in the Pudong area is the newly finished Development Tower, standing at 269 meters.

Shanghai has experienced rapid growth in the last two decades. It has again become one of the world's leading cities, exerting influence over finance, commerce, fashion, and culture. In 2010, it hosted the World's Fair. Some of the structures are still there. During the visit, I really wanted to visit the China exhibit, but was told by the cab driver that the wait was still 3 hours(!). No thank you.

Good Morning, Shanghai!

Good Morning, Shanghai!

This is probably my 276th photo of the Shanghai famous skyline. Well, I am a boring person. I always eat at the same places, do the things, shoot the same places....

Bear with me, I probably have not much time left for my stay in Shanghai...

Typhoon No. 13 just brushed past Shanghai this morning. The skies was really gloomy! I was quite disappointed since I woke up real early! Well, the dark clouds just keep moving past, till there was this break in the dark clouds.... The sun rays just pushed themselves through, and I finally see some light rays.....

By the way, that is a pair of kites. To be exact, it is a kite that is a pair of fishes. Right After I shot this, they lost control and dived into the waters.

shanghai hotel sauna

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