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Attorney Exams

attorney exams

  • A person appointed to act for another in business or legal matters

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  • lawyer: a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice

  • In the United States, a lawyer; one who advises or represents others in legal matters as a profession; An agent or representative authorized to act on someone else's behalf

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  • A test or an examination (or "exam") is an assessment intended to measure a test-taker's knowledge, skill, aptitude, physical fitness, or classification in many other topics (e.g., beliefs).

  • (exam) examination: a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge; "when the test was stolen the professor had to make a new set of questions"

  • (Exam (film)) Exam is a British thriller film written by Simon Garrity and Stuart Hazeldine , directed by Stuart Hazeldine and stars Colin Salmon, Jimi Mistry, Luke Mably and Gemma Chan.

"The Mystique of Sigiriya: Whispers of the Mirror Wall" Authored by Mr. W. J. M. Lokubandara , MP and Present Sepaker of the Parliment

His Excellency Robert Blake, the Ambassador for the USA said it best when he described how he had often wondered what goes on behind the calm countenance of the Speaker when all around him was in turmoil during certain sessions in parliament.

Now he (and the whole world) knows. When the members of parliament were bashing each other, calling each other by unprintable names and creating chaos, the Speaker, W. J. M. Lokubandara, remained calm with that gentle smile on his face because his mind was elsewhere. He was day-dreaming of the Sigiri damsels.

He is not alone. There have been many before him who had fallen in love with these 'long-eyed' golden coloured, heart-shattering ladies; many who had been smitten by their beauty and broken into poetic raptures.

The Speaker, though, is different to these other lovers. Instead of writing his own songs in praise of the damsels he pays tribute to his predecessors, those lovers before him who loved Sigiri with the same passion and who recorded them on the mirror wall, by rendering their innermost thoughts into the English language.

Thanks to "The Mystique of Sigiriya" those who are unable to read the Sinhala version Sigiri gi siri and certainly the inscriptions themselves can now know the thoughts of the visitors to Sigiriya more than a thousand years ago.

Ambassador Blake the next time he climbs the Sigiri rock with his wife and two daughters, would know that a visitor called Tilimala of Ruhuna too climbed the same rock and thought "The slender women among the golden-coloured ones on the mountain side, took my mind solely to themselves. O long-eyed one, what may I do to sustain myself?".

Did Kashyapa’s thoughts fly towards Kalawewa?
“O long-eyed one, what may I do to sustain myself?”
Proving that the graffiti themselves are perhaps more enticing than the damsels His Excellency Alok Prasad, the High Commissioner for India says he spent one whole sleepless night with "The Mystique of Sigiriya".

Could the reasons for this enchantment lie not only in the beauty of the damsels, not only in the skills of the poets who wrote on the mirror wall but in the remarkable manner in which the Speaker, himself, wields his pen? Critics like Prof. Wimal Dissanayake says "Yes".

"His comments, pithy, relevant and always insightful serve to widen the horizon of understanding of the English reader" while Prof. Ashley Halpe insists the author is not a rasika as he modestly calls himself but a 'sahrdaya- an informed critic and a deeply responsive aficionado who has himself drunk deeply of the Pierian spring".

No wonder, for the Speaker recalls growing up on a "staple of classical oriental poetry with the rich imagery of Kavusilumina, the polyphonic rhythms of Mayura Sandesa," as well as the Guttila Kavya and the Salalihini Sandesa. Not satisfied with the few Sigiri verses that were prescribed for his exams he had read Professor Paranavithane's Sigiri Graffiti not once but an uncountable number of times.

The melodic verses on the mirror wall became so much a part of his life that soon he began to see them as an "ever obliging good friend". Whenever he was overcome by loneliness, sadness or adversity, he says it was the Sigiri Graffiti that came unfailingly to his rescue.

And rescue him, they did, more than twenty one years ago. The day was January 1st, 1977. The place, Haputale, or rather to be more precise the Sunday fair at Diyatalawa. In the presence of the late Hon. J. R. Jayewardene, he was about to make his first speech "Standing up to face the crowd my mind went blank.

Did their ancestors too stand here?
The silent stone stairways
I could see nothing, feel nothing and felt certain could say nothing.Then out of the depths of that frightening void...came a verse that escaped my frozen lips "Topa vanavu himin...a graffitto from the mirror wall".

Comparing the suppleness of the graffiti to the Buddharaja Kalka (a therapy used by Ayurveda physicians either with ginger, honey or lime juice depending on the ailment) he says he has used this "pellet" in the academic world, on the political platform and in Parliament - with honey when he addresses his electorate, with lime when he is in Parliament and on the occasion when he was present at the launch of the website at the Attorney General's Department, not with honey or lime but with ginger.

Honey, lime, ginger and melons too. Unlike Professor Paranavithana's Sigiri Graffiti with its intricate, sober, sleep-evoking details on epigraphy, grammar etc., the Speaker imagines what would have taken place in the minds of the poets, as they scribbled their thoughts on the mirror wall, and in doing so brings them back to life.

He believes, for example, the poet who compares the coquettish smiles of the Sigiri damsels to the seeds of a melon was "tormented by the fire of lust as a result of making love to [her] on

Dedication to Doctor Bashir (Part2)

Dedication to Doctor Bashir (Part2)

I was transported to Bahawal Victoria Hospital from Meo next day. Dr. Bashirwas incharge of orthopedic department. Most handsome doctor I ever seen;-) Happily Married I guess two or three kids(
Ahh any handsome man ever met or thought about, were married before I have seen them OR get engaged soon after I have seen him, not with me but with someone else:( my luck;-) or may be their good luck(lol with double wink;;-))
Any ways at night 1:00AM ambulance reached in Victoria hospital's parking lot. Hoo ka Alalm tari tha(Now hoo ka alam I can't traslate) Every one included doctors and nurses were in deep sleep. Driver knocked the door and a doctor I think he was completing house job/residence there(that's why has night duty:D) came fully har bariya howa seems worried uff accident case at this time here.He examined my hand and leg and I have asked him doctor will I be able to walk in three days?? Next week I have my practical and I have to go. He answered I can't say anything in morning Dr. Bashir sahab will tell you.
Next morning Dr. Bashir with a group of student doctors arrived. Many student doctors all ready got information about my case and my worries about my practical for education where I need to deliver lecture in a school. With Doctor Bashir there was Dr. Waheed also well as a teen ager I have thought aik yeh waheed hai dosra woh Waheed Murad( Kash yeh waheed murad jaisa hota)I mean if you have seen a handsome doctor or doctor have resemblance to you favorite choklati Hero you must have feel better even on death bed;-) Keep in mind these are a teenagers thoughts and this teenager was in LOVE with Six Million DollarMan in age of 7 or 9.
So third doctor I have remember his name Doctor Nasrullah was there for his house job that called in United States "residency" (I hope I spell correct) Anyways a student doctor asked Doctor Bashir, "Sir bachi/lil girl;) want to go for her practical next week will she be able to walk until then. Dr. Bashir was looking at my X-Rays and talking to them about what is the problem here and kept looking x-rays he said,"IMPOSSIBLE!" Tears came to my eyes thinking oh my whole two years of study are going to dump and I need to attempt papers again:(( And that moment he just looked at me, he close his lips tightly thinking something and came near my bed saying but don't worry you will walk in three months. At least three months you need to wait to walk again. Are you sure I will be able to walk?? I asked him he yes I am sure, we will use rod to put your bone together:) He smiled saying that. But people are saying I can't walk. Don't listen to people he said look at me he rolled his sleeves to his elbows and showed me his arms (donon bazo mery samney philaey ) asking Can you tell I have rods inside my arms? I saw at him:~O and asked "Oh Just like six million dollar man?" He smiled or should say chuckled and says Yes my both arms were fractured and I have undergo an operation even many now I am fine and doing these operations related to bones. You will be able to walk and do each and every thing in your life but each and every thing takes time. Just keep smiling. And be confident in yourself don't listen to people. Just listen to your heart and doctor. And if you have criminal charges listen to your attorney:p Then saying don't worry you will be fine they went away. A nurse came to my mom and said, Doctor Bashir is very good doctor and every year he visited United States for refresh courses. Another maii/Maid told us that he was Muslim but he married to an Ahmadi/Mirzai girl so he became Mirzai and they support him all the way through expensive medical education. I am thinking at least Ahmadi's support intelligent people like Muslims they just don't let every thing to God:D:D:D Yup in Pakistan Ahmadi's considered minority and they don't like cal themselves minority, they insist we are Muslims. But other then one of my friend in school I always find them very humble and very nice persons in talking and dealing with people. Yeah in hospital word boys and maian give you too much information about all the doctors.
My guardian angel Asif Mansoor of our neighborhood came to hospital to see me and my mom and I discussed my practical issue with him. he said get the medical report from doctor that you can not walk and give me all your lesson planes, charts models etc. I will try the examiner can come here we will e your students;-) And I said I can go there in wheal chair. However; doctors did not allow to go any where before surgery an don the day of Practical in the school I would perform Asif went there and he found my Education lecturer in first year of FA there and she was just shocked after listening that Bushra had an accident and can't walk she visited me with Examiner who was responsible for grading for Education Practical she said I have seen your models and charts all presentation was superb and as Miss Shehnaz told be about yo

attorney exams

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