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  • An online game is a game played over some form of computer network. This almost always means the Internet or equivalent technology, but games have always used whatever technology was current: modems before the Internet, and hard wired terminals before modems.

  • a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice

  • A person who practices or studies law; an attorney or a counselor

  • A lawyer, according to Black's Law Dictionary, is "a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law.

  • The burbot (Lota lota), from old french barbot, is the only freshwater gadiform (cod-like) fish. It is also known as mariah, the lawyer, and (misleadingly) eelpout, and closely related to the common ling and the cusk. It is the only member of the genus Lota.

1854 Daniel & Ann Elizabeth Bigelow

1854 Daniel & Ann Elizabeth Bigelow

The research that I am doing is on the social structure of Bigelow Park. I am going to observe the park and conduct interview within the park. My hope is to find what kind of social structures are present at Bigelow Park. People should care about my research because it is a good starting point for another project. I am doing my research on a park on the outskirts of downtown Olympia maybe the social structures are different if they are parks within the city.
Bigelow Park
The Bigelow Park was named after the Bigelow family who played a very key role in Olympia history. The park has Picnic Areas, Playground, Small picnic Shelter, Basketball court, and restrooms. The size of the park is 1.9 acres. There is also some public art in the park. People come to the park all the time, the park closes at a certain time everyday so the park is closed at a certain time. The Park is a great place for families to come and just bring their children there to play. The Playground that is in the park has swings for babies and swings for toddles. There is a tire swing that most children love to play on. There are also two different playgrounds one that is bigger for older children and one for the little children. The Park is very suitable for any one any age to come and play or just hang out. There is also a nice grassy area for people to bring Dogs and play fetch with them or just to lay a blanket down and read a book.
Bigelow Park has been around for over ten years and many families love this park. As one Mother said, “That whole neighborhood is one of the best in Olympia. It has a soul.” Part of the Bigelow Park History a project called Planting project will let kids see their work bloom. This project was done in 2001 where the volunteers in the parks program teamed up with local schools and had children go to different parks around Olympia and plant 30,000 flowers bulbs. Bigelow Park was just one of many. The children were very pleased with what they have done to all the parks around the Olympia area. Bigelow park also has a Stone Amphitheater by the front of the park it was built in 1996 by the artists Karen Lohmann, Mark Osborne the cost of building the Amphitheater was $4,000.
Bigelow Family
The House was built in the “Carpenter Gothic” style. It is one of the oldest framed buildings in the state of Washington. The family still inhabits the house. The Bigelow house was built in 1854. The house has gone though many different times and to this day it still stands. The house was here when Washington was Oregon Territory. Also when Olympia was called Port of Entry for Puget Sound. It was then called Smith field. Then finally it became the state capital.
Bigelow was born on March 21 1824 in Belleville, NY. He became a lawyer and studied at Harvard law school. Graduating in 1849. He suffered from a serious eye disease; he feared that he would go blind before he could travel. He joined a wagon train and headed west on the Oregon Trail to Portland. On June 18, 1854 he married his wife Ann Elizabeth White. She was the first school teacher in the area; she was born on November 3rd 1836 in Illinois and had arrived with her family in Olympia in the late 1850’s
In 1854 Bigelow was elected as a member of the upper house of the first legislature of Washington Territory. He outlived all the other members of the first legislature. He was later elected as the superintendent of the Olympia School in November 1853.Though their Marriage they had 9 children who were all born and raised in Olympia. The oldest lived till 1967 and had 3 children.
I went to Bigelow Park on a week day and then also on a Weekend to see if there was a difference in who was at the park. I didn’t notice a big change but it seemed like there were more activities on the weekend. The Saturday that I was there I saw a group of teens playing Soccer and then later in the day when I came back there were some parents playing T-Ball with their children. As on Weekdays I still saw about the same amount of people but there were less of the group activities on weekdays then on the weekends.
The time that I spent at the park I got to observe many different things. I saw many different families come to the park and play with their children. I saw people walking their dogs, people playing basketball, baseball, Tee-ball. I did not see many teenage kids around. When I did it was mainly on the Basketball court or they were just walking though on their way to another place. Mentioned in an interview I wish I could have see a bigger activity going on like the BBQ the man was talking about in a interview I conducted.
Research was really easy for me at first but then when I started to look more at my project it got a little bit harder because all the contextual research that I had was from the Bigelow Family and not the park. But I then started to look harder and found some things online that could help me. I then also went to the Olympia library to look in the achieves of the Olympian.

Freefall High Score Hall of Fame

Freefall High Score Hall of Fame

I tried a Tetris-like (but not Tetris, of course, all lawyers!) game on the iTunes App Store called Freefall that was developed by the brother of one of my colleagues.

Unlike most geeks, I've not been heavily into games - in fact, the main one I've played over the years have been TetrisMax (in the old OS 9 days), SuperCollapse (online) and Quinn (OS X) and variations of Mahjong. Yes, very daring! I usually play to tune out.

I tried this game, and while I can tell the programmer came from a non-Mac platform (compare to Quinn on OS X), it's proved to be as addictive as a game that is (of course) NOT Tetris can be.

I've found myself at the top of the Hall of Fame top score list for what is probably the only time in my life (hence saved for posterity). The developer thought I might even be cheating!

What I can say is that after about 20,000 the (slow) game gets repetitive so by the end I was hoping I would make a stupid mistake as I didn't want to "commit suicide" but also wanted to "go to sleep!". I'd recommend that the developer make the "slow" get less slow as the game progresses.

It's a good game though and highly recommended although the developer should work on his "Macness" or "iPhoneness" a bit.

Sadly, I can only upload my top score - and if I want to upload my best "fast" (and more challenging) score, I'll have to wipe the app and start again - so here for posterity...

NB: Now superceded on all fronts but it was nice to briefly hold both top scores - I'm amazed anyone had the patience to beat the slow top score as that takes hours and is INCREDIBLY boring after the first hour!

lawyer games online

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