Alcohol Calorie Calculator

alcohol calorie calculator

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Alcohol is a drug

Alcohol is a drug

No matter how you dress it up, alcohol is a drug! In Ireland the legal limit for alcohol in your bloodstream whilst driving is below 0.08 percent - depending on body size and the strength of the drink you might be over this limit after only two drinks.

Both the PSNI and the Gardai (Police) are rigorously enforcing the law and will breathalize suspect drivers. Should the alcohol level be found to be over the legal limit you will under no circumstances be allowed to continue your journey and a court appearance is mandatory. Avoid this by not drinking or having a designated driver.

Apart from the legal implications - driving as a tourist in Ireland while under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs can safely be regarded as suicidal.

Generally alcohol will not be on sale before mass ends on Sunday. On all other days you should have no problems getting cans or bottles from off-licenses between early morning and late at night. Pubs open near noon and close around midnight, clubs and bars may stay open longer.

There are only two days when you will be hard pressed to get any drink - Good Friday and Christmas Day.

Alcohol Awareness Website

Alcohol Awareness Website

Overview: A website about alcohol awareness for filmmakers (photos are just placeholders. Big thanks to sxc.hu)

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alcohol calorie calculator

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